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This blog was first published on Friday, March 13, 2015.

This blog will from now on primarily concentrate on the Artificial Intelligence Agenda and the upcoming Singularity. Both these subjects are of utter importance because our future as a human race depends on that we are educated on that subject. There are forces–terrestrial and extraterrestrial–who want to terminate Homo sapiens sapiens and instead create a species of cyborgs, connected to a Super Brain. At that point, humanity will become the equivalent to the Borgs from Star Trek.

This is not science fiction, and these forces will, without any doubt whatsoever, succeed by 2045, unless we humans interfere and refuse to participate. I just published an e-book on the subject, named Synthetic Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind–A Roadmap to the Singularity and BeyondYou can read and download the book for free. I hope as many as possible will read the book–it’s very important! Not because I wrote it, but because this is the most important subject there is to study at this point.

I also have another blog called, “Wes Penre Productions–the Blog,” which brings up more general subjects, such as the ET present on Earth and Her vicinity, the Illuminati, the New World Order, the Wes Penre Papers, and much more. It is a very popular blog, so for those who might be interested in these topics, please visit it and check it out.

Some people may know me from my two major websites, “Illuminati News,” http://illuminati-news.com/, and “The Wes Penre Papers,” http://wespenre.com/.

Illuminati News is a huge database that I created between 1998-2009, containing information about the “Illuminati,” also known as the “Global Elite.” The website is an exposure of a group of super-rich people who are literally controlling this planet behind the scenes; on a level far above that of our known Governments, regardless of which country you’re living in. Although they are not at the top of the “food chain,” they are the ones who are controlling the money-flow on this planet, and therefore they have the power to steer governments, businesses, and all major institutions in the direction that they, or those who control them, want.

“The Wes Penre Papers” take a giant leap from the information at the Illuminati News Website. The Wes Penre Papers are a long series of papers that I wrote between 2010 and 2015, and they go a step further in the sense that they are, amongst other things, exposing the extraterrestrial control over and above the Illuminati. The Illuminati are only puppets to an extraterrestrial group, which I call the “Alien Invader Force,” or the “AIF”. In this blog, I will also use the terms “The Cosmic Outlaws,” or the “Overlords.” This force consists of a number of extraterrestrial star races; beings who hijacked our planet a little less than 500,000 years ago. Before that, a human multi-dimensional species was dominating this planet. They were a very peaceful species, who were also the “Guardians” of the “Living Library,” which is exactly what Planet Earth is; it is a Living Library, consisting of flora and animal life planted and seeded here by a peaceful extraterrestrial star race from Orion and the star system Vega. Although, when this ancient human race roamed the Earth, they were multidimensional and immortal. They operated in the Spiritual Universe as were us before the Overlords came.

A rebellion started in the Heavens long before Earth was hijacked, and we can loosely read about this rebellion in the Bible, the Urantia Book, and through other ancient texts. A royal being who we call Lucifer, but is also known as En.ki or Ea in our ancient scriptures, was the being who rebelled against his own mother and stepfather in the Orion Empire. To make a long story short, Lucifer was cast out of “Heaven, the Orion Empire,” after which he attacked Earth, and a war broke out in the solar system. We can read about this war in the Greek and Roman mythologies as the “War of the Titans.” The Orions and the Vegans were the Titans while Lucifer/En.ki and his allies of different star races were the Olympian gods (The Olympians have in modern times also been called the “Anunnaki”).

Unfortunately for us, the Olympians won the war, and Lucifer has been in control over our planet ever since. The primordial human race was then genetically manipulated in a sense that it no longer could keep its multi-dimensional abilities, but instead was “dumbed down” to a level where they could be easily controlled and slaves to Lucifer’s forces. Earth has been Lucifer’s stronghold ever since, and the war and oppression we have experienced over the millennia are basically because of this alien influence behind the scenes. Up until this date, we have been the slaves to these Overlords, although the slavery we are experiencing today is more covert than the obvious slavery we as a human race were subjected to in the beginning, when we were digging gold and other metals and minerals for the Overlords in Africa and other places around the world.

Lucifer and his cohorts are all multi-dimensional and interdimensional and are also in charge of the “Afterlife,” i.e. when we die, our souls don’t go to “Heaven” or “Hell;” they are hijacked all over again by Lucifer’s forces and prepared and “groomed” so that they can reincarnate on Earth over and over; something we all have done for the last thousands of years.

The Wes Penre Papers” are telling this entire story in detail. They are divided into five “Levels of Learning,” where the reader can learn about the true nature of our past and what future these ET beings have in mind for us. The papers are based on real evidence, which is often taken directly from the ancient texts from different cultures around the world. These ancient texts are all telling the same story; they are just using different names for the same “gods.” This goes for the Bible as well.

In the Papers I also offer a workable so[u]lution for the dilemma the ignorant humanity is stuck in. The ET controllers have successfully managed to give us almost complete amnesia so we can’t remember our past lives. Now it’s time for humanity to wake up, and I am doing my best to help out with that.

If you are interested in my work, please keep an eye open on this particular page. You can either subscribe to this blog (on which I will sproadically publish articles), or you can send a friend request to my Facebook page, which you will find if you search for “Wes Penre” on Facebook. Another place where updates will be published is here: http://wespenre.com/news.htm.

A good idea, however, is to learn more about the Illuminati and the AIF Overlords before you dig into the material on this blog or my new, upcoming domain. My both previous websites are prerequisites because if the reader doesn’t study these subjects first, at least to get a common knowledge. If you are new to these subjects, it could otherwise be overwhelming and hard to follow my new material. Therefore, please look into the links provided in the beginning of this Home Page!

Wes Penre


Wes Penre on the Web:

Illuminati News (launched in 1998): This is a database, consisting of a variety of topics, such as the Shadow Government, Extraterrestrials, Corruption within the Music Industry and Hollywood, Metaphysics, and much more…

Wes Penre Productions (launched in 2011): This website is primarily concentrated on the ET present on Earth and in the known universe and exposes them as being in control of our reality and our everyday lives. They have been using us for their own agendas and purposes for hundreds of thousands of years, and they are the ones who own the big Corporations, Education, Health Care, Politics, and everything else that affects our lives on a continuous basis. It also focuses on Artificial Intelligence, which is the big item in our times. Everybody urgently needs to read up on this subject–our future literally depends on it.

Wes Penre Productions–the Blog (launched in 2008 under another title): Brings up an array of topics related to my two websites above.

Synthetic Super-Intelligence and the Singularity–Blog by Wes Penre (launched in 2015): This blog will from August 29, 2016 primarily concentrate on Artificial Intelligence and the Singularity.

Wes Penre on Facebook: Latest news on what Wes is up to.



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  1. Hello fellow truthseekers if you are interested in releasing trapped emotions the Emotion Code is a technique for doing so.

    And has anyone here ever experienced suicidal thoughts? Personally if I could peacefully leave my body and go back to my spiritual/soul state and escape the Grid I would. It is pretty obvious why suicide is considered a sin and gives you “karma” from the Lords of Karma if you don’t escape the grid, since if people comitt suicide and escape from the grid then Lucifer and his minions no longer have your soul imprisoned. And for that matter they keep us fearful of death and naive that our consciousness survives death also to control us and discourage people from escaping the Grid via suicide and natural death.

    -Thanks, Anonymous


    • Hey fellow Anonymous!

      What binds you to this wolrd? If you really feel you dont belong here and know there is somewhere else (but not here) you want to be than who could stop you? Who would blame you? Remeber what Wes said about that you should have a clear vision about where to go etc because you dont want to get tricked by any “light” or “spirit guides” ones you cross over.. Just follow your own vision about were to go when crossing to “the other side” and Im sure you will be fine.. 😉

      After all love must be greater than any obligation or reason whatsoever right? So you shouldnt force yourself to fit in this world if there is somewhere else you want to be and you have a clear vision of it. If thats what you love you should go there right now! Coz love will show the way.. But you have to trust and believe in love.. The lovely Mother Goddess as Wes talks about!! 😉


      • Hello fellow Anonymous I agree with you and there is nothing that binds me to this world, it’s just a matter of being able to committ suicide though do you know if there is a way to command your soul to die a peaceful physical death or do you need euthanasia to do that? And do you ever get suicidal because you want to leave the AIF’s slavery and deception behind? Although I would like to wait until Wes’s new ebook comes out that walks you through on escaping the grid.

        There is not much that I feel like I’d miss on this planet if I committed suicide and escaped the grid, one friend who is naive about the AIF, a farmer’s market that I used to get to visit but am barred from visiting by my parents, having physical experiences and pleasures, and my sheeple family who I doubt I’d miss upon escaping the grid. Hmm…sheeple family and AIF slavery or 100% freedom from the AIF, this is an easy choice to me. You can always find new friends once you escape the grid and create a family that is souls you would want as your family rather than the family the AIF chose for you.

        Do you ever want to escape the grid and visit Orion? I would visit Orion if I were free from the AIF and have the experience of being a nonphysical being temporarily and ideally reincarnate onto a version of this planet that is free from the AIF and you keep 100% of your past life memories intact.

        -Thanks, fellow Anonymous

        -Thanks, Anonymous


        • There is a book called “A practical guide to Suicide” which can be found on torrentsites such as The Pirate Bay for example. Many methods included in that book. If you aske me personally what method to choose – in case i would kill myself – I would go for either gun to the head or shooting heroine in my veins.. I could of course consider eating heroine in larger quantaties even if that would take longer time and be more expensive.. The latter could of course give rise to panic attacks which is why I would prefer shooting the heroine straight into the veins instead..

          If you however decide to wait a little and seek some psychological help I could always take a look at your horoscope. The famous psychiatrist Carl-Jung said looking at a patients horoscope shotened the therapy sessions for the patient with 2 years! And dont forget to think about what eternity means for you as this short time here is very temporary in the end..

          Good Luck Pal!! I wish to see you someday in the aether or wherever it would be. I mean there must be a lot of places to visit for your free mind if you are just open for it. Orion would be nice and Venus the planet of plesaures. When this world is gone then only your mind is the limit so free your mind… 🙂

          Wes will take his time when writing things so you will have to wait for it.. but on the other hand he does extensive researching so it could be worth the wait.. It depends on how desperate you are of course.. But that book might not come out tomorrow.. time will tell..

          You are welcome fellow Anonymous!


          • Or flying to Switzerland for assisted suicide is another method. The problem with a handgun is that if you fail you can have serious damage such as pain and disability and for drugs if you fail you can wind up with an addiction to hard drugs or organ damage. Being 19 almost 20 and living with my sheeple family I’ll have to wait to escape the grid via suicide, ideally I’d want euthanasia but otherwise I guess a shot with a handgun will have to do after I turn 21 asumming handguns and their ammunition are still legal and obtainable then. No thank you to possibly getting addicted to heroin if that failed.


          • Hello Anonymous in case you are not aware of this your birth horoscope is a way for the AIF to manipulate us. They choose our birth horoscope for us. And providing I could escape the grid sucessfully I’d gladly get peaceful and painless euthanasia if I had euthanasia drugs. One reason I want to escape the grid is so that I never will have to work for money, since outside of Lucifer’s Empire it is normal to never work for money, e.g. the Namulu. And of course most importantly the freedom that comes with escaping the grid.

            Do you have plans to die peacefully to escape the grid?

            -Thanks, Anonymous


          • You are right it can definitly be unhealthy to keep your semen for yourself and it was becasue of that I talked about it was a sacred gift giving it to your loved one and I read it somewhere also in some yin-yang website on the internet that it was very good to strengthen your loves yin-energy…

            Thanks for the tip about the left eye and gazing! Very romantic thing to do together!! I have heard alot about left and right hand and one-eye symbolism, secret handshakes, reptilian eyes but not the left eye! Amazing you have that ability you describe! 🙂 I dont have this ability Im afraid.. at least not what Im aware of… But I am aware that eyes tell alot! Its the window to the soul… You have Jupiter in its home sign Sagittaurus so Im sure that helps you alot to expand your visions… 🙂 This plus your moon in the fire-sign Aries. You are a true visionare my friend! 😉

            Pedophilia have deep psychological reasons which of course AIF can contribute to.. Just look at the ordinairy porn industry or even ordinairy children tv-shows and see how they sexualize young children and elaborate on the pre-teen atraction.. You can see a link between homosexuality and pedophilia even if not all pedophiles are homosexuals of course.. but both loving your own gender and loving someone prepubertal has in common to be a self-love were you glorify your own entrapment inside your own gender or your entrapment to yourself as being the firstlover (like a parent) for the cildren you (ab)use or its a person who doesnt want to grow up and is mentally much younger than the age for its life on earth.. I agree with you that if this pedophile can avoid hurting children and act out the expression of this love in a way that doesnt hurt anyone I think its morally fine.. He or She could masturbate to animated child porn for example.. I would even say that this pedophile has a healthier sexuality than idiots masturbating to legal violent porn which has been in the history of predators of brutal sexual attacks in a heterosexual fashion. The Swedish blogger I mentioned has done studies for what stands out in pedophiles horoscopes and also homosexuals. He could see that clearly it showed self-love in homosexuals and The star signs Leo (which wants to be firstlover for all his loves) and Gemini (which likes to play around like a teenager) stand out for pedophilic or pre-pubertal tendencies. He has many studies and not all studies are of large quantity of data nor is it always that soemthing stands out in a bigger fashion becasue there could also be small things that stands out. See more here.. https://translate.google.se/translate?sl=sv&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=sv&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fsidereal.hall-of-man.com%2Fsearch%2Flabel%2Ftemastudier%2520i%2520astrologin&edit-text=


        • I answer here since the replay button doesnt work on your 2 most recent messages. Your birthhoroscope tells you things about your personality and also about your family and carrier and money and even sexuality.. it goes deep.. AIF manipulation or not you are still in it and participating and therefore its highly singificant to look at.. Its not that people who dont believe in astrology arent affected by it.. they are just not aware of it.. I know a Swedish blogger (click on my name to go to his english page) who has ovekhr 9000 horoscopes in his archive and he has done statistical analyzes of big quantities to validate astrology.. (that is not western astrology but sidereal astrology which doesnt get affected by the earths vobbling around its axis). Im not aware that astrology is being used to determine every atom in your body but it can tell you however of life-cycles (dashas) etc. So astrology doesnt look at life with that binary and linear fashion that you might think (its about the planetary symbols relationships to one another and different star signs, houses etc). When you know your own horoscope you will be more aware of why you are who you are in this cosmos.. but that doesnt mean that you havkhe to be that way.. just that this was “the plan” when coming in here to earth.. You can also look at other peoples horoscopes and countries horoscopes to understand where you are in this world and why the world is why it is.. this can of course change because the forces or gods in horoscopes are in motion and play out their roles but the birth horoscope is their starting position… If the birthhoroscope show just for example you have lot of outbursting anger you can of course work hard with that anger (work is represented by Saturn) to be able to cool yourself down.. but that will of course also have consecvenses (Saturn stands for those too) such as feeling repressed (Saturn likes to keep things in boxes – its the planet of forms). More about Saturn here http://in5d.com/saturn-why-are-we-worshiping-the-cult-of-el/

          About not having to work for money I know many countries usually have somekind of social benefits or unemployment insurance, but maybe that kind of money will not liberate you from your family..
          There are movements going on to break free from the economic slavery we are now sitting in like The Venus procject for example trying to make robots to the work for us.. and there are economists like Post-Capitalism

          I do not have plans for the moment to die or escape any grid. Right now I just try to stay on earth and be free to learnkhj new things and try to change the world for the better. Making myself and those around me and the world more aware of things…


          • Hello Myname yes I’m aware that asttology does indeed have an effect on you. Though when looking at your natal chart look at it from the AIF’s perspective. For instance if you want someone who is disorganized and gives up easily you would give them Saturn in Pisces and South Node in Pisces which is what I have. The AIF would want this for me to control me. Saturn is another name for either Lucifer or Marduk from what I remember. And nothing is to teach a lesson we are on this planet due to Lucifer’s manipulation, subjugation, and enslavement of the human race unless you have escaped the grid before and chose to come back here. There is nothing morally wrong with never working for money, the Namulu never did and all animals on this planet do not except for us humans.



          • Hello Anonymous if you don’t mind I would interestingly look at your birthhoroscope.. I would need birth-time, year, month, date and city you were born in.. You describe a problematic relationship to the “death reaper” Saturn so I assume this planet blocks you big time in this life.. Saturn has to do with karma and destiny and I know we are in the AIF system so Im not gonna speculate of why you would have bad karma in this life and so on.. You can see if you have good karma and luck in your life if the fifth house is full of planets (I have two planets there) but hearing your lifestory you dont seem to be too lucky..


          • Hello Myname my birth date is January 28, 1996 at 1:21 AM in Miami, Florida. I personally used astrology13.com’s free natal chart generator which includes the zodiac sign of Ophecus. 13 sign astrology is more accurate from what I know of. Also I have Mercury retrograde which if the AIF wants someone who is conservative about speaking their opinions is something that they would give you, i.e. acting the party line. Saturn in Pisces is additionally associated with creating psychological barriers, irrational fear and worry, pessimism, and paranoia.

            Did you getter better luck and karma from the AIF than me? They also incarnated me into a middle class sheeple family that has an antique dealer uncle who is a hoarder, and a grandmother and deceased grandfather with dementia. Of all the signs to have Saturn in, Pisces is probably if not the worst one in my opinion when you read the characteristics of this placement. If you truly picked your birth family for your spiritual evolution you would pick a family that is 100% aware of the AIF, shamanism, reincarnation, other spiritual matters, and the dangers of fluoride and vaccinations. I personally like the concept of family being being people you have mutual spiritual growth and interests, including significant other(s), nothing against the concept of family and the nuclear family per se, just the notion of lifelong connection and loyalty to sheeple family. I still want family including a female significant other(s) but the type of family that would be the norm on this planet if we were free from AIF subjugation. The (s) is a reference to polyamory which is the practice of multiple romantic intimate relationships at once. The notion of only being able to share the type of bond that you have with a spouse to one person is something I disagree with. Why limit this to one person? It is certainly possible to have this bond with 2 or more people at once and be 100% honest, equally caring and loving, and open to all of your partners about this bond including romantic sexual love and its activities.


          • I use astro.com and then after putting in birthdetails and the chart is drawn I go to extended chart selection and choose sidereal hindu/lahiri and whole signs house system and also fill in show descending node (then it will sho both north node/Rahu and South node/Ketu) But anyway your site also uses sidereal so woudnt be that of a difference. I can see that you have Saturn in Aquarius and not in Phisces but you have it in the 27 degree.. Saturn in Aquarius is a much more harsh sign to have it in than in Phisces coz Phisces is of movable quality while Qaurius is fixed.. Actually Saturn is at its home place in Aquarius and also in Capricon. Very near this Saturn in the 22 degree is your Venus.. Your poor loveplanet Venus is getting controlled by the very near in conjuction here harsch Saturn. And all of this takes place in your fifth (un)lucky house.. Fifth house is also the place for creativity which you love but this love is heavily controlled by this Saturn..

            The south node/Ketu in six house in phisces I dont know if its so much to say about.. sixth house is the house for enemies so its good to not have planets there.. Also Ketu means you have cut your ties to enemies becasue ketu is the cut of dragon tail.. The hungry dragon head Rahu (legendary said to be cut of for trying to be like the gods) is in the 12 dreamy or uncounscioussness house which also stands for worldy losess (same house as I have it in).. Rahu wouldnt do so much in this sacrifice house.. it will not hunger for worldy things here…

            You also like me dont have planets in the eight house for bad karma, death and things that needs to rotten away basilcy… thats good!

            Third information/school house in expansive Sagittaurus with both the expantion planet Jupiter and writing planet Mercury explains well why you expand in your awareness and find Wes material on the internet.. I myself has also Jupiter and Mercury in this house but Saturn in tenth (world status) house Sagittaurus in 17 degree (right between your Jupiter 11 degree and Mercury 25 degree)

            You have anger-planet Mars and your Sun (dayly activity/engie) in the foruth home/family house in the Capricon sign. Capricon likes to have control of their physichal enviroment and earthly resources but with other people in your home conflicts can arise. Your moon is in impulsive Aries (my is too!) in seventh house for relationships with the agression-planet in Capricon in fourth house means you can be a little easy tempered.. I smile a little when I read about how you describe your perfect family.. Capricon likes to organize and plan their physichal position and situation..

            Your Ascendent which always is in first ego-house has to do with physichal body and apperance is in Libra the peacemaker sign.. So your apperance would attract peace… Economical problems would come of no planets in the second house for my wallet and also no planets in the eleventh house which stands for ideals but also income of carrier (carrier, position, famousness is in the previous tenth house)

            Regarding partners and love/sex-relationships I will not come with moral judgements here but I definetly see why you like sporadic relationsships that pop ups here and there.. I can like it too but now I have a girlfriend so.. Im pleased with that…


          • What are the benefits of hindu astrology compared to regular 12 and 13 sign astrology? And one of the longest epic poems is about Vishnu which of course is Lucifer and the epic poem Paradise Lost by John Milton is about Satan’s activity in the Garden of Eden and makes reference to Satan being cast out of heaven, i.e. Lucifer being expelled from Orion and his rape in the Garden of Eden. Also in case you and your girlfriend are not aware of this unless you set an intention before having sex or masturbating your sexual energy gets sucked up when you climax by the AIF in the astral realms to be used for Lucifer’s malevolent purposes including a war against Orion. And do you think Lucifer was born with no conscience or has lost himself 100%? How has he not gotten bored and jaded of being and doing evil for hundreds of thousands of years if not more?

            “Burning your passions” and giving up emotional highs and lows are both things Simona Rich who is clearly naive and/or delusional about the AIF and reincarnation thinks should be done. Hello Simona if you weren’t meant to have passion why would you have it? This is just a way for the AIF to control us, being passionate about your interests is fine so long as they are constructive if you ask me. As Wes states us humans have a wider range of emotions than most star races. She also believes in the concept of karma and life lessons which is exclusive manipulation of the AIF.


          • First of all the 13 sign astrology website you linked already use sidereal astrology (which is what hindus use) and your Saturn planet is VERY close to the sign Phisces which you thought it was in..
            Second of all this blogger thezodiacrules.blogspot.com har done large statistical studies to prove the validity of this ancient sidereal astrology.. You can alos look at his Swedish website siderisk.blogspot.com and use google translator.. a few post on his Swedish blog is written in english but his english blog is what is recommended for you as it even contains posts that are not written in Swedish.. Regarding Lucifer and Satan Siwert has discovered that third degree in Taurus is Satans star Algol (as ancient jews also recognised) which is calle ROSH-HA SATAN.. Lucifer could also be seen as the Sun-sign Leo in astrology as it is a fixed Tamas sign and therefore represents a darkened or “fallened” light.. Then of course we have Capricon sign which is this material world ruler.. his natural house is the tenth for the world.. But a Capricon doesnt hae to be a selfish person coz if the person is dedicated for service to other people it has been seen that social democratic leaders in Sweden have been Capricon which would then represent a good share-bringer of material goods for people..

            Here is the blog thezodiacrules.blogspot.se He has also written a book called “The Zodiac Rules -New Evidence of the Veracity of Ancient Astrology which you can buy at Amazon…

            I agree that we should not put bounds on our emotions and become robots.. Of intention havent thought more than to do it of love.. But I am aware of techniques such as injaculation etc.. Many people become relilgous when they have sex.. say “Oh God” and so on… and yes I read Wes said something about sucking up but put an intention before in words sounds so formalizing doesnt it? Plus our relationship isnt only about sex… we like to express love in many ways and we feel our souls are connected.. You must have heard about Platonic relationship also?


          • Ok I just did not know how hindu astrology compared to 12 and 13 sign astrology. And yes I have heard of platonic relationships, I was merely pointing out what Wes stated about the AIF hijacking human orgasmic energy. Of course there are platonic ways to express love such as poetry, favors, and words and having your souls connected and significant other relationships are about 4D/4 dimensions which is a relationship model used by Steve Pavlina. The 4 dimensions are body, mind, heart, and spirit. Body is sex and physical bodily pleasure such as receiving a massage, mind is about intellect and ideas, heart about emotions, love, and sharing personal stories and confessions and spirit is about purpose and mutual growth.

            And another thing advocated by asceticism is the concept of eliminating your ego which is certainly a way of controling people. If you were not meant to have an ego the prime creatrix would not have given you one. By having individual egos, she the prime creatrix learns about herself, more than if she did not give the fragments of herself individual egos and freewill. Transcending romantic and personal love in favor of unconditional love is another thing I disagree with ascesticism about. It is fine to experience both types of love. And of course asceticism’s focus on renouncing all bodily pleasures is absurd because the prime creatrix would never have created sex, food, music, smells, and touch if she only wanted the fragments of herself to only have spiritual pleasures. She experiences and learns about herself via bodily pleasures.


          • You can also check out the popular KRS channel for more hindu astrology… https://www.youtube.com/user/KRSchannel I dont know really the meaning of bringing in another sign to the zodiac but you are of course welcome to tell me about it.. Im just saying now that I have seen the validity of the 12 sign hindu sidereal zodaic Im now using and is very pleased with it.. but of course we all want to raise our awareness..

            I agree with that your body wants physichal things… and an open free mind likes all information as long as it doesnt feel controlled or limited by it… And I also read about such a hijacking in his material but what I would like to add here is that seed that doesnt have an inention of love and are just blind force lust would be spoiled seed anyway regardless of hijacking? I think it sounds a littel formal to try to manifest somekind of intention-idea when you have sex even thought I know that is practised in magic circles.. Im also sceptical to those who say that you should just keep your seed for yourself coz i believe that giving your seed to your singificant female other with the intended love of her is what would be both natural and optimal… And your significant other may like the feeling of you putting it in here.. If you read Wes papers Second Level of Learning were he talks about this hijacking he says that the lovers must be completely honest to oneanother and DONT HAVE SECRET intentions when having sex… and what other intetions would be bigger than love? When two persons love eachother, are completely open to oneanother and have sex it would be the ultimate expression of their love AND opneness.. Both their bodies and souls are connected in the best way possible…

            Regarding ascetism I do think that can certainly be good for some people who seems to be like drug addicts to material things but ONLY then when the person has a sick love continuing to cling to something even thought the person suffers from it and eventually it becomes a self-destructive act.. Otherwise people would definetly feel best for going for their passions.. Fire which was seen as the noblest of the four elemenths in the ancient Greek.. (there is actually five with the feminine ether-elementh which trancends the other four).. A free mind not bound to a body would have information as its passion constantly learning new things but not caught in any enviroment or transportation-vehichle..(body)…


          • Also Myname regarding semen retention if you do not transmute the sexual energy out of your pelvis, repressed sexual energy causes dark thoughts and desires such as homicide, sexual molestation/rape, and violence. And homosexuality in someone who is not homosexual is another outlet that repressed sexual energy can go to. I know because I practice semen retention and while it is beneficial from what I know of, I regularly get dark thoughts and desires in my mind that are associated with repressed sexual energy due to the sexual energy being in my pelvis. In order to transmute it completely you have to have no energy blockages in your pelvis according to what I read in an ebook called Tantric Secrets.

            And here is an idea for an initiation for the first time you have sex with a significant other(s): “Gaze into my eyes, see my entire/life flash before your eyes.” I can vaguely see things flash before my eyes on command. Have you had such psychic experiences happen before? You can also tell if someone is being deceitful from feeling the energy signature in their left eye. The left eye shows emotions that cannot be faked, the right eye’s emotional signature can be feigned. If you want an example of this look at a photo or video of a politican or member of the elite when they are lying about something, such as Watergate or the Monica Lewinsky affair and feel the enegy in their left eye.

            Do you think the only reason that some humans have sexual abberations that the Olympian gods practice and presumably practice, I.e. Lucifer, Marduk, Ereseigal, and their minions, such as incest, blood lust ( I mean the definition that is being sexually aroused by homicide), and sexual attraction to prepubescent minors is because of Lucifer and his minions? Though for pedophilia in your opinion is it the attraction itself that makes someone immoral to you or the acting on it, stalking/ogling, and/or being involved in child pornography? If someone experienced romantic love towards a prepubescent child without acting on it that does not reduce their morality to me, stalking, raping, molesting, involvement in child pornography being aware of the exploitation, grooming, and exploiting children and intending to abuse and exploit them on the other hand does. Or what about if someone considered naked prepubescent children to be asthetically beautiful?

            I completely agree that exploiting, grooming, harming, and sexually abusing children is wrong, I’m talking about if someone were sexually attracted to children but does not in any way get off at all on the thought of sexually abusing, exploiting, harming, and grooming them.


          • You are right it can definitly be unhealthy to keep your semen for yourself and it was becasue of that I talked about it was a sacred gift giving it to your loved one and I read it somewhere also in some yin-yang website on the internet that it was very good to strengthen your loves yin-energy…

            Thanks for the tip about the left eye and gazing! Very romantic thing to do together!! I have heard alot about left and right hand and one-eye symbolism, secret handshakes, reptilian eyes but not the left eye! Amazing you have that ability you describe! 🙂 I dont have this ability Im afraid.. at least not what Im aware of… But I am aware that eyes tell alot! Its the window to the soul… You have Jupiter in its home sign Sagittaurus so Im sure that helps you alot to expand your visions… 🙂 This plus your moon in the fire-sign Aries. You are a true visionare my friend! 😉

            Pedophilia have deep psychological reasons which of course AIF can contribute to.. Just look at the ordinairy porn industry or even ordinairy children tv-shows and see how they sexualize young children and elaborate on the pre-teen atraction.. You can see a link between homosexuality and pedophilia even if not all pedophiles are homosexuals of course.. but both loving your own gender and loving someone prepubertal has in common to be a self-love were you glorify your own entrapment inside your own gender or your entrapment to yourself as being the firstlover (like a parent) for the cildren you (ab)use or its a person who doesnt want to grow up and is mentally much younger than the age for its life on earth.. I agree with you that if this pedophile can avoid hurting children and act out the expression of this love in a way that doesnt hurt anyone I think its morally fine.. He or She could masturbate to animated child porn for example.. I would even say that this pedophile has a healthier sexuality than idiots masturbating to legal violent porn which has been in the history of predators of brutal sexual attacks in a heterosexual fashion. The Swedish blogger I mentioned has done studies for what stands out in pedophiles horoscopes and also homosexuals. He could see that clearly it showed self-love in homosexuals and The star signs Leo (which wants to be firstlover for all his loves) and Gemini (which likes to play around like a teenager) stand out for pedophilic or pre-pubertal tendencies. He has many studies and not all studies are of large quantity of data nor is it always that soemthing stands out in a bigger fashion becasue there could also be small things that stands out. See more here.. https://translate.google.se/translate?sl=sv&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=sv&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fsidereal.hall-of-man.com%2Fsearch%2Flabel%2Ftemastudier%2520i%2520astrologin&edit-text=


          • Here is a link about the left eye being where emotions are honest and the right eye being able to fake emotions: http://847660.mobilizetoday.com/The_power_of_the_left_eye.htm

            And a link of photos of emotions in eyes: http://www.boredpanda.com/powerful-photos-of-peoples-eyes/

            Do you know if incest has the same psychological roots as pedophilia and homosexuality? And one thing I would like to know is why incest between adults is considered to be a sexual aberration. I’m aware that the AIF engages in plenty of incest and that it does exist along with in humans too. For that matter there is a man in the neighborhood I live in that I’m not sure but think he may have incest with his middle school age daughter from the way he speaks of her along with about when 2 years ago, I’m 19 almost 20 now, when my parents attempted to prosecute a pedophile man who thinks that the naked prepubescent girl/tanner stage 1 body is asthetically beautiful, that I had a relationship with who means no harm to children and has not ever engaged in adult-child sex and incest that I know of but had a multiterrabyte collection of child pornography and naked photos of children. He did mean well and cared about me, woke me up to the existence of the AIF, become more open minded, the dangers of fluoride and vaccinations, eating healthier, vegetarianism, reincarnation, people being cattle, introduced me to a farmer’s market, the concept of its not your job to save the world, and the view that life has no meaning. But he showed me porn which he considers fine to show as a group to children and teenagers, along with adults, including his grandchildren, this including child pornography (although he kept this aspect strictly to me, a friend, and his son) and believes that both incest and adult-child sex are ok to practice so long as everything is consensual and nobody gets hurt. He seemed to believe/probably still believes that child sexual exploitation including in child pornography and child prostitution does not exist and that all incest is consensual. Also he spoke of his experiences with drugs and lust sex including hard drugs which had caused me to think of them as appealling along with loveless sex. His wife knows that he is sexually attracted to prepubescent girls starting at age 3/4 and female minors all the way up to 18+ women, thinking that incest and adult-child sex are ok to practice, and had a collection of child pornography on hard drives before he got rid of it to prevent prosecution I presume due to my parents’ attempt to prosecute him. She is fine with it and loves him, knowing this.

            Back to the man I think has incest with his daughter possibly, he is the former police chief in the neighborhood I live in and when my parents attempted to prosecute the pedophile when my parents stated something like what would you do if he the pedophile had sex with your daughter and he replied either I’m pretty sure don’t you get my family involved in this. The police chief presumably knew that this man was a pedophile because he had warned his kids about him before. The way he stated don’t you get my family involved in this makes me think possible incest and pedophilia. And in the end the pedophile succeeded in getting impunity from the law due to his knowledge on how the legal system works, as in the strawman, UCC, et cetera. For example if you say to a judge “No your honor I do not understand the charges being brought against me,” you cannot be prosecuted.

            Have you ever known a pedophile like this man before at all? It was the law of attraction that ended my relationship with this man and in the end he disowned me November of last year due to my mother calling him a sick pervert and threatening him with arrest, acting as if I could change that. This man would presumably be annoyed/angry at me if he knew that I opened my mouth on this, like the day I found out that he disowned me.


          • And in regards to someone viewing naked prepubescent children/the naked tanner stage 1 body as asthetically beautiful, I am morally fine with that in itself per se, like a pedophile that means no harm and never acts on their desires, has no involvement with child porn and is aware of the exploitation harm that happens to child porn models, and does not ogle/stalk children and for that matter teenagers and adults.


          • Thanks for the lingks about the efyes 🙂

            Father-daughter incest use to be the most common but have lately been replaced by brothers having sex with younger siblings. Some studies suggest that adolescent perpetrators of sibling abuse choose yougnger victims, abuse victigms over a lengthier period, use violence more frequently and severely than adult perpetrators, and that sibling abuse has a higher rate of penetrative acts than father or stepfather incest, with father and older brother incedst resulting in greater reported distress than stepfathrer incest. See more on this link if you want htdtps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Incest. Leo is what would be the Lion-Father so to speak in the Zodiac so its not surprising if that sign would be the first lover (even in a sexual sense) for his own children as well as other children.. Of course not all Born in Leo or Gemini are pedophiles we are just talkigng tendencies here.. and there would be other things in such a persons horoscope that together makes them pedophilic.. And I havent meat a pedophile in thge way you describe.. Pedophilia is of course not a perfect way to express Leo and I think those pedophiles born in Leo doesnt useually have Regulus (Alpha Leonis) activated in the sixth degree in Leo.. which was one of the Persans four four royal stars. The star has also been calle Leos heart.. Its a star of nobless and you can see a really outwardly shining look from people who for example have Moon and Regulus rising in the sixth degree http://www.classictvbeauties.com/morganfairchild.html

            Sun Signn, Moon Signn and Mars for 36 Peedophiles

            Of course bodies can be beatiful in all ages the difference would be if you get sexually attracted or not to a certain body.. It feels gstrange to talk about morality regarding love doesnt it? Im sure many people agree with that alsl kinds of love is gov rod as lovng as there is no harm.. The question would maybe be if its healthy for a person him/hder-self to have a certain love.. if its a sick addiction or if its really somethging that means a lot perhaps everything to the person.. That is something that ultimately I think only the person him-her-self can truly answer on…


    • Hello there,

      I REALLY cannot wait to read Penre’s next e-book on afterlife, grid and soul trap, which I think is the most important knowledge we can learn of all this complex AIF plot – it may truly give us that so-called free will we always wrongly thought we had.

      I like the way you talk about suicide, of all the taboos, this is probably engineered to be the biggest. But there’s a difference, I think, between those who commit suicide because they lost their millionaire bank accounts and those who have become aware of the AIF reality and decided to get back what is rightfully theirs – for me it’s a HUGE difference.

      I have a method of suicide which I consider my “Plan Z”, it makes me a little more relieved than if I didn’t have one. I am recently thinking a lot about going straight to plan Z, I think I don’t have the patience anymore to be here and witness the blindness of those around me without being able to help or show them what I learnt without becoming stereotyped as lunatic or schizophrenic. They are so proudly comfortable with the system, they don’t have the guts to doubt, to question, to change their lives radically – as a matter of fact, me neither.

      Money is the ultimate illusion, people kneel down before it, praise it, they are proud to have a luxurious car, proud that “their sweat” allowed them to have it. And they promote it to everybody, parents forge their children to play the game: it’s hideous, monstrous!

      I won’t deny that if I could I’d be afterlife part of some great alliance against universal evil, I’d feel useful and even fulfilled if I could help (from outside) planet Earth and all good human souls to get free against those poorly spirited desperate evil beings. That would certainly be my only thought while dying — I want a crystal clear consciousness of it in that moment.


      • Hello Someone!!

        I dont think there is something morally wrong with taking your life. All this hysteria about it is created becasue people are so attached to their current little life in the AIF system they are living. And aslo that people are atheists and dont believe in life after death makes the pain unimaginable when they think they will never see their loved ones again. If they were more open-minded like in India were for example a dying grandma could be a new born girl the next day it wouldnt be such a huge deal..

        There is no meaning in being a living dead zombie walking around without any fire in your life.. So the important thing is of course to know exactly what you want wether you take your life or not.. And if taking your life make sure to do it in a pleasant but fully working way (and maybe quick way to avoid anxiety when in the middle of it) so the trauma of the actual crossing over become as little as possible.. Nobody should live a suffering life without meaning its under every persons dignity to do so.. You should of course be sure about it but too much thinking of it is not good I believe – Its in the end either you do it or you dont.. And I am sure it will be understandable reasons for it and love is what is greatest in the end wether your life here continues or not..

        Best Regards Myname!


        • Hello Myname regarding suicide and visiting Orion, do you think that a human soul who was/is a pedophile that meant no harm and never touched and/or kissed a child sexually at all would be allowed into Orion? The reason I ask that is becaude if you read my post about a relationship I had with a pedophile who had child pornography if not please read it, as a result of that relationship sexual attraction towards female minors under the age of 13 and 13 and older got activated in me. And I know that this sexual attraction is still in me. Rest assure I have never acted on this attraction ever. Consult your intuition all you want for verification.


      • Hello Someone I completely agree with you about wanting to commit suicide to escape the grid. What is your plan z suicide method exactly? I’d be interested to know so I can hopefully acquire everything required to comitt suicide in a quick, peaceful, and painless, manner. If I could just take euthanasia drugs/be euthanased if euthanasia were legal where I live which is Florida I would to be able to escape the grid and visit Orion. Are you referring to me when you stated that I like the way you talk about suicide? Though I would like practice escaping the grid before committing suicide by reading Wes’s new ebook once it comes out. I’m 19 almost 20 and want freedom from the AIF by escaping the grid via suicide before I ever have a job/work regularly for money, although I actually do in the form of Etsy sales but it’s not like a job or part time job with the amount of work I do. Someone I agree with you about money and working for it, there is nothing wrong with never working for money and while you live on Earth if you want max out your credit card debt so you don’t have to work for money before you committ suicide.

        Nobody else works for money outside of Lucifer’s Earth probably and the Namulu never had to work for money at all in the Garden of Eden and for that matter never did cooking, cleaning, laundry, and wearing clothes. It was spring year round and they lived in complete harmony with nature living minimalistic, leisurely, seeing auras, having all memories of past lives, playful lives constantly frolicing naked in nature and of course fairies and other supernatural creatures. And all animals were vegetarian on Earth before Lucifer so you were always safe no matter where you were on planet Earth.

        Good luck on escaping the grid and gaining your freedom from the AIF. If you can succeed that is excellent, you then have eternal freedom from the AIF and working for money so long as you never commit a crime that Orion or another star system or planet would arrest you for!:-) Maybe we will meet upon both of us being free from the AIF 100%. What are your plans once you escape the grid?



        • I have read the post alright.. Even minor people can have sexual experiences (like some form of masturbation) of course even if it is not in the way it is for adults they can still feel a physichal pleasant sensation. I have heard stories about this (their sexual experiences but not of a pedophilic kind) and remember it myself from when I was little. Wether this attraction is good or not for you is something you will have to learn on your own mate.. Children can be curoius about things I know pedophiles have said in defense.. I think they probably dont have this problems on Orion.. If the child dont have somekind of dependency on you (like you being the father or mother for it) and you dont force they child on anything and the child the self is curious etc.. I dont think I would have any moral opinions against it.. It would only be if they child later in life would regrate it but that if that happens it can be a lot of social stigma around it and not all would have to do with the actual event.. Hope you feel better for this answer mate 🙂

          ying of morphine or heroine overdose feels pretty safe if you ask me coz thats what they give patients on hospitals to make a more smooth pnassover when dying. There are suicide cocktails out there which is a mix of tmhings but I have no idea how it would feel to die of them. Mixing drugs can be dangerous https://www .thefix.com/content/drugs-cocktails-kill-combinations90237 I found this cocktail which was first published in a blook that you no longer are able to order https://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Suiocide/Amitriptyline_cocktail v

          Eternity is greater than anyting temporary.. suicide or not.. remember…


          • Hello Berry regarding if a child is curious and nothing is forced on them in his papers Wes states that in some cultures people have sex with both adults and children and that for children it is considered ok if the child is old enough to have sexual feelings to experiment. Here is the quote: “Other cultures are used to having sex with anybody at anytime, whenever they feel like it–children or adults doesn’t matter. If a a child is old enough to have sexual feelings, it’s okay to experiment. This is more common in tribes who live outside of our type of society. They have a more genuine caring and love for each other as a group (tribe) and can still feel the closeness with their partner.”

            Do you agree with this practice stated in the quote? I agree that child and adult sexual abuse, exploitation, harm, and grooming is 100% wrong. The notion that anyone under the legal age of consent is officially unable to meaningfully consent to sex is absurd to me, consent should be based on an individual’s maturity and individual circumstances not a fixed age, not to defend pedophiles taking advantage of children sexually at all in any way. Here is an article that states that one thing that causes harm to children in adult-child sex is the shame mechanism: http://sociological-eye.blogspot.com/2015/02/why-does-sexual-repression-exist.html?m=1

            What is the youngest age you think that someone can give meaningful sexual consent when the individual is already aware of sex and has sexual feelings in a corcumstance where there is genuine love and caring between them and the person they have sex with where there is no abuse, manipulation, and exploitation?


          • Hello Anonymous I see you really hung up yourself on this question.. I think that sounds good what you desccribe and I wouldnt condem those tribes.. there are tribes were teenagers are have ceremonies they parents do for them were they have sex with a lot of persons from the other sex.. its not explicity for just sex however its more like love nights were the parents let a girl for example meet a boy and do whatever she wants and boy also agree to during the night (sex included) to see if they fit as a couple.. To me it sounds like you get to know the person better before an marriage-ceremony than if you do it the Christian way and wait until the marriage has already happend befor e you have sex.. I can see a difference between pubertal and non-pubertal children and this can differ from person to person what age exactly is the case for a certain person.. I do understand that even non-pubertal children can have some form of sexual experience between eachother (not nessesarly penetration) and its not new that even children before physologichal puberty (I dont mind the 18 years old if thats what you think) can masturbate or have other similair experiences. And if it is as you describe that the children dont feel some unhealthy dependancy position from the older person doing sexual things with them, dont being forced and pressured in anyway and are into it themselves I dont think its wrong and I agree that its not good to socially stigmatize such a thing so much… I dont think love that doesnt hurt anyone should be stigmatized… Each person is of course free to think what they want of different preferencies but you dont have to forbid or look down on others having such a love…

            Thanks for bringing up the intresting material about it!

            You have Jupiter (“big love”) in the third “school house” (about having a thing for teenagers and younger people). You also have your anchor/oversoul in fifth house for your identity together with the love-planet Venus (called “little love” in hindu) so I understand why its so important for you to solve this question.. Its about karma and dharma to do so… And I answered now that I think its 100% OK! 😉


          • Is there a correlation between pedophilia and having Jupiter in your third house and Venus in the fifth house in your natal chart? You pointed this out to me so that’s all. And my definition of prepubescent is minors in tanner stage 1 of puberty.

            My guess for crimes that could bar a human soul from Orion would be capital crimes and involvement with Lucifer’s Rebellion. Though for experiencing sexual attraction towards prepubescent children without intending harm to them I’m not sure about. Hopefully Orion will allow me in knowing this, they should so long as they understand that I mean well and intend no harm to the empire and others.

            Have you thought of escaping the grid via suicide? Visiting Orion is one of many choices upon escaping the grid. Learning shamanism is too. Being free from linear time is freedom compared to here on Earth. And of course never working for money again is one major benefit of escaping the grid.


          • I dont know if there are statistical tests to prove that but I do know Leo and Gemini (the teenager sign) but also Libra (which is the partner sign has a certain relationship to the childish ego opposing it in the zodiac) was Sun signs which were slightly overrepresentated in the small tests that the blogger had done. The third information/shool-house has essentially to do with writing and the air-elementh but it has no essential “moral” and is considered an “evil house” but the individual can make a great effort by learning things on their own and make good use of this house.. If the individual uses the house to manipulate other etc then its a misuse of it.. Ok I understand your definiton here but as I said I see no wrong with it and I dont think astrology or Orion would see it has wrong unless there is some evil intent in the bottom of this attraction? But as I hear and see from the horoscope it should be good.. Jupiter is in third house in Sagittaurus which is Jupiters home sign its to be even Zeus own sign.. plus the writing-planet Mercury is there too.. well its said traditionally third house to represent singing and dancing..or learning a lot of intellectual stuff.. You would be more into learning since you have writer-planet Mercury there.. You also have the cut of draco-tail Ketu in your six house for enemies but that signifies that you had enough of enemies.. the opposite draco-head rahu signifies hunger but its in the twelth subconscious house which stands for worldly sacrifieses so there is no need to worry for that…

            I havent thought about escaping the grid right now even thought I understand people who does that.. Everybody must ask themselves if they feel their life to be meaningfull or if they go on unawared they are longing for death and find plesaure in it.. in ancient time called Thanatos.. I am thinking of if I could find someplace in the world for these esoterical things I am intrested in.. Like learning more astrological meanings and understand the deeper meanings in religions and different gods etc.. But sure I will see Orion and other places someday also.. I hope your future the best werever it may be mate.. Learning shamanism sounds great I think its really nice all natural herbs etc for everything…


          • I understand your interest in astrology and the hidden in plain sight meanings of religions and mythology. But once you know that astrology is simply a way for the AIF to manipulate the human race and that all religions and mythologies only make reference to 7 different major beings Lucifer, Marduk, Isis, Ereskigal, Khan Enlil, Prince Ninurta, and the Queen of the Stars it is to some extent a dead end. Though there are stories of Lucifer’s crimes and activities in mythology and religion, such as the Garden of Eden rape and Lucifer taking a rib from a Namulu woman for genetic engineering purposes I believe, the Cain and Abel story, Lucifer being expelled from Orion, the Deluge, the War of the Titans, and the Seven Sisters. Of course it is beneficial to know about Lucifer’s manipulation via astrology, religion, and mythology and how it affects you.

            An example of this is when I was younger I used to have a passion for conventional mainstream history along with the viewpoint of history from the defeated’s perspective such as by Howard Zinn. But now that I know about the AIF orthodox history and Zinn’s type of history has lost the overwhelming majority of its interest to me. He does not make reference to the AIF beyond the 1%, AIF backed corporations, CIA coup d’etats, and I think the Trilateral Commission briefly. The word Rothschild was not used at all by him that I know of. But the word Rockefeller was. Mind control such as MK-Ultra and Project Monarch was never written from what I remember.

            Speaking of mind control the AIF can create a mind controlled human slave that has perfect vivid photographic memory. If you want an example of this Brice Taylor’s account of her assignments and sexual slavery when she was mind controlled shows just how vivid the AIF can make the memories of mind controlled slaves. Could it be possible that you can have this kind of memory without mind control and trauma of any kind at all? There is a program called Zox Pro that claims that by using its methods you can acquire photographic memory for learning through going through books just flipping pages rapidly using their techniques and that by quickly going through a book your subconscious mind will be able to remember the contents of a book. Knowing that mind controlled slaves can be made to have vivid memory makes me think that there is truth to the techniques in this program that is kept a secret by the AIF.


        • Hi Anonymous and everyone,

          I’d like to enter too this ‘pedophilia thread’ you are all having.

          First, regarding the ‘suicide’ issue, for now it is more like an escape plan I like to have – like in that saying “better have and not need than need and not have one”. I’d feel a little guilty to say the method I would use, it’s like I’m indirectly committing a murder – you know how I would feel?

          I would love if life was a little better, like waking up in the morning not having to worry about money and maybe go to a university to learn how to build nanotechnology that would improve life (vegetal and animal) or an energetic formula to better starships, or making gadgets – all these 3D reality admitted by our Universe Goddess. So this would probably be one of my ‘entrepreneurships’ afterlife (4D and forth) – including, of course, participating in some sort of political galactic federation against evil. I love using words, thinking solutions and being part of a committee.

          Regarding pedophilia, I have an opinion about it that relates intimately with that premise of free will. I remember my childhood, I began my sexual curiosity around 8, I think, maybe even sooner. Sexuality is something so natural, that it begins soon in our lives. We shouldn’t blame ourselves for exploring our sexual energies early in life. Sexuality is a Goddess gift for Her to experience Herself, life and dark in other ways – it’s not a burden or karma as we all are engineered to believe – never forget that those issues are taboos for some reason that only interests the Syrians.

          We should blame ourselves for committing violence against others’ free will – that’s what I think. It’s about STO (service to others). I remember having sexual desires for people older than me, even had an experience once – I wasn’t forced at all, on the contrary, I was dominated by that exquisite energy I never knew existed. It’s an energy so powerful that controls you. It’s very fiery, using the fire/soul metaphor. Let’s admit it: it’s wonderful! It doesn’t steal anything from you; it boosts instead; you and the other experiencing each other’s bodies; it’s truly experiencing the Goddess itself; recognizing everything and nothing at the same time.

          So don’t feel guilty because of your sexual discoveries and experiences early on life. If it’s true that when we die, we carry our consciousness with us, then think of it not as evil institutions made you to think of – it will only make you guilty, not to evolve (like I think you deserve) and come back to the slavery that sustain their miserable lives. Besides, worrying about it shows you a are good soul, different from a remorseless psychopath, that violate infant bodies and traumatize them for life, rape, even kill. There is a HUGE difference between making someone have an orgasm and killing their Goddess curiosity, happiness, desires – think about it.


          • Absolutely there is a huge difference that is night and day to me between a psychopathic pedophile who gets off on molesting, raping, toturing, sadism, blood lust (sexual arousal by homicide) killing of children and infants, and child porn snuff films and someone with a conscience who is sexually attracted to prepubescent children and only sexually fantasizes about children in a consensual, respectful, loving and caring, romantic, and sex is play manner. The AIF are gargantuan hypocrites about pedophilia, adult-child sex and incest is automatically illegal and deemed exploitation and abuse regardless of the circumstances and child’s opinion and child pornography is 100% illegal (exploting children for child pornography is 100% wrong I’m just pointing this out), yet the AIF has their own black market of child sadism and snuff porn that they get off on and enage in pedophiliac and pedophiliac incestual sexual traumatization of children and kill children for sexual enjoyment.

            In the US to have a conscience and be sexually attracted to children puts you in the single most hated group in the country, more hated than murderers and you get equally hatred as a psychopathic pedophile gets as if there is no difference to sheeple. And just to consider the naked body of a prepubescent child to be asthetically beautiful also gets you labeled as a sick pervert.

            Someone these opinions are something that I would not share with my sheeple family, to them the word pedophile automatically means getting off on sexual abuse of children from what I know of. And in case you have not read a post of mine where a past relationship with a pedophile who had child pornography is discussed, I confess that I am sexually attracted to prepubescent girls and do view the prepubescent girl/tanner stage 1 naked body to have aesthetic beauty. I sure hope my sheeple family, relatives, and family friends never see this post of mine while I am physically alive on this planet. And if you do have pedophilic sexual attraction that means no harm towards children you are welcome to admit it to me with no judgement, I would still be your friend even if you had such sexual attraction.

            PS: What do you mean by indirect homicide for your Plan Z suicide plan exactly? And thank you for your open mindedness about the morality of pedophilia in the case of pedophiles who do have a conscience.



          • Here is an article you’ll like about age differences and polyamory which is the practice of having multiple romantic intimate relationships at once with complete openness and honesty with all of your partners, Someone that makes reference to experiencing romantic love at age eight:


            We live in a society with social norms regarding age differences in sexual relationships. If a 20 year old loves a 55 year old and vice versa providing there is mutual attraction and consent providing there is no abuse and exploitation of any kind it should be considered fine. This social norm is a divide and conquer strategy just like breaking up the nuclear family in my opinion.


          • I think if there’s anything important about that discussion is that we can realize we are not evil and “deserving” to go to “hell” like institutions washes our brain to think – only in the end for us to feel guilty and accept coming back “to pay” for our “sins”. I couldn’t use less quotations in here, everything is so misleading…

            Somebody, about the suicide plan (“Plan Z”), I found a method on internet after a long time searching, that is for me the least problematic. I know it would sound hypocrite not to reveal it – if I truly believe suicide is a right of incarnated souls who got cracked by almost seamless evil manipulations, so I should also believe that I would be helping other cracked souls to exit this slavery in which we serve, feed and naively pay for others karmas.

            The problem is that I don’t think I’d feel happy by telling the method. I’m afraid this is something that would violate someone’s free will. But anyway, I obviously didn’t commit suicide, so it doesn’t mean that this is a real effective method. If anyone would like to talk about their lives or want to know about the method, I would love to help (carmozellen@gmail.com). It’s the H2S method – I forgot how they really call it.

            By the way, besides pedophilia and suicide, I think we should also talk about Soul Entrapment and Afterlife or Between-Lives; I’ve watched some videos about it, read other texts, I’m really interested on this!


          • The problem as I see it is that people get so fixated with ONE timeline.. Like “you only live once”… and “this is the love of my life”… and the list goes on and on about it.. Like christians believing we will be judged after death.. etc ALL fearmongering to keep us as much attached to this timeline as possible.. and it is simply becasue AIF has control over it and they want to continue this control even affter our death.. Now if we continue living we can of course do good things in the world and so on but must NEVER sell our souls and coninue living in a world were we dont belong.. On the positive side however people can “wake up” so to speak around us and we must remember that its not exactly right to think about the world as a fixated timeline becasue people do choices in life and there are emotions behind them so things can change… future will tell to what extent… and we will probably have a female president 2016 – Hillary Clinton.. Far from perfect president but at least people likes the feminine more and more.. future will tell what happens as I wrote.. 🙂


          • By the discussion are you referring to pedophilia and for that matter incest? Clearly there are reasons from the AIF’s perspective for both of these practices to be illegal, not to justify pedophilic and incestual sexual abuse in any way at all. In case you are not aware of this age of consent laws in the UK and US used to be low enough that children starting at 10+ or so could legally consent to sex but they have gotten raised since. Obviously this was changed for social control reasons, Lucifer couldn’t care less about protecting children from rape, molestation, child prostitution, and exploitation. And I googled H2C and understand why you consider it to be an unintentional violation of free will. If you can pull it off successfully without harming anyone if you desire to escape the grid via suicide good. Although I’m a college student who lives at home with parents and a sibling so this method is not practical for me. Euthanasia drugs/being euthanized would be my ideal method such as Nembutal which if what I’ve read is true causes sucessful suicide quickly and with minimal pain at a lethal dose. Although Nembutal is illegal here in the US if it were legal to buy it over the counter it would be tempting so I can have a method to escape the grid and be free to visit the rest of the multiverse. I guess my best method would be to finish my AA degree and then transfer to a college where I can be on my own so I can use suicide methods without getting committed to a psychiatric hospital for being considered a threat to myself before the Machine Kingdom takes effect 100%.

            Someone as a last resort you could fly to Switzerland and charge all the costs of euthanasia and your plane ticket there to a credit card and upon physical death and escaping the grid there is zero reason to have any concern about the credit card debt that would bring if you don’t have the money.

            PS: I hope Wes’s new book discusses a method to command your soul to have your body die a peaceful painless death of such a thing is possible. And in case you aren’t aware of this keeping secrets, not speaking your truth/acting the party line, and lies cause tension to build up in your throat. I know this for sure because I keep my knowledge of the AIF, practice of semen retention, interest in seriously comitting suicide, other things, and escaping the grid strictly private from people in my daily life that I physically see and have many psychological barriers when it comes to my parents. Although semen retention is something that me and a friend who is naive about the AIF have discussed before.

            How about I create an email address that has a name that nobody who knows me in person would think it is mine just in case to protect taboo information private from them so we can discuss more safely? Yes the NSA does have every unencrypted email you send and receive but they have better things to do than air my emails and web history.


          • Good idea, Reader of Wes’s. This email I wrote s already a fake one I use, so feel free to send me anything: carmozellen@gmail.com

            I watched a video yesterday that I’d like to share here from Rich1250x’s Channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nNlyupEBdeE (Don’t Get Trapped by the After-Life Review Know What Happens When You Die?) Found it really enlightening.

            Also discovered Cameron Days’ site on the issue of revoking your soul contract, in which you made (naively of course) agreements when came back to Earth to “pay your sins” or, if you are a Starseed, as a crawl-in or walk-in (I forgot the difference). We must have been really naive or afraid to not impose our sovereignty while dealing with those “Turds of Karma”, Archons, “Angelic beings” etc.


    • I’m thinking about writing down my ‘Exit Plan’ – as mentioned by Wes. But I have no idea about the possibilities we all have afterlife. I’ll open Word, start a new document and begin typing my journey, maybe that’s a good way to exercise your consciousness since we are claimed to have something AIF don’t have: creativeness!

      I’d be glad to share them with you too.


      • Hello Someone an email address that I have for discussion is queenofthestarsorion@gmail.com

        And do you have a draft for your exit plan? All I know is escape the grid, visiting Orion, getting all my lost soul fragments back ideally before escaping the grid, participating in a shamanic tantric white (as in used for good such as connecting with the KHAA or manifestation) sex magick ceremony, seeing the Garden of Eden the way it was before Lucifer’s invasion and rape there and playing around with being a nonphysical being and freedom from linear time. Living on a version of this planet that is free from Lucifer’s oppression and enelavement of the human race is something that would interest me providing I’d have complete past life recall, never have to work for money, and all 12 strands of DNA activated.


        • I reember that anonymous horoscope had his moon in the ego-child sign Aries which is no indication by itself that someone is a pedophile. Moon in Aries has stood out regarding high intrest in philosophy and an tendency not to take its life (its naturally curious about life like a little child). However regarding the sex-planets (Mars and Venus) those two were together most notable in the ego-sign Aries regarding Homosexual, Bisexual and Transexual persons. Intrestingly enough Venus was most notated in Capricon among those persons were you have your Mars planet.

          Here is a study about the two sex-planets Mars and Venus in 221 Homosexual, Bisexual and Transexual horoscopes

          Your Aries Moon is in the seventh partnership house.. Aries disponent Mars is in fourth house for family/home.. together with your Sun in this fourth house in the Capricon sign (Mars is said to be “exalted” in this sign)… Do you feel like you are a good daddy, a good patriarch for the youngers your intrested of? Capricon natural house would be tenth for the world but you have your Capricon in the home house (fourth) which natural sign would be Cancer.


          • Hello Berry I presume you are using 12 sign astrology. In 13 sign astrology my Mars is in Capricorn and I have Mars square Moon which is associated with impulsiveness along with Moon in Aries. Also in 13 sign astrology my Venus is in Aquarius, Saturn in Pisces (giving up easily), Uranus in Capricorn, Neptune in Sagitarius in the 29th degree the anaretic degree which is associated with escapism, Pluto in Scorpio, Mercury retrograde (which is associated with acting the party line), Jupiter in Sagitarius, North Node Virgo and South Node Pisces (escapism, ego dissolution, disorganization)


          • Hello Berry numerology is another subject you might have interest in. The AIF are obsessed with instigating events on dates that add up to 11 or 13. For example 9/11, 11/9 and 12/8 (Paul McCartney and John Lennon’s deaths respectively), 5/8 VE Day, and 9/2 VJ Day. Also the number 5 is the number of death, 10/31= 5 in numerology. And of course there is 11/22 which was JFK’s assasination date. LBJ, Nixon, and Bush Sr. were all involved in his murder from what I’ve read.


          • Venus is in Aquarius in the zodiac I am using also in the fifth house for personalization. Saturn would be in Aqaurius even if its very close to Phisces. Mercury in Sagittaurus in teh third house. Your Saturn and Mercury is 27 and 25 degree in the sign and those close to 30 would indicate a “dying” planet.. Uranus is not used in Vedic astrology and was not used in teh ancient time iether but added later when discovered through telescope and the same goes for Neptune and Pluto. The escapism you are talking about can be clearly seen in the hungry demon dragon head Rahu in the 12 house for loosing material possesions and connections to the world in the analytical sign Virgo which likes to be for itself. The dragon tail Ketu in sixth house for enemies in the sign Phisces can be seen as cutting your connection to your enemies (tired of them).

            I have not looked into numerology for the number 13 but I know 3 is a very prominent number too and 12 (1+2) would be equal in numerology to 3. Intresting you mention 5 as the number of death when I thought it was 9? 9 would represent the end of something as you run out of single numbers when coming to 9 and start again with 1+0 (10). And we have the famous 27 Club (2+7=9) as a good example of 9 representing death.


          • Hello Berry here is a webpage that shows numerous examples of the AIF’s obsession with numerology:


            Clearly there is a reason just like astrology for the AIF’s obsession with numerology. And in case you are not aware of this the official living Paul McCartney is a man that had plastic surgery to look like Paul McCartney. From what I know Eleanor Rigby is about Paul McCartney’s secret funeral. And the year of Paul McCartney’s death was the year that the Beatles stopped touring 1966, albeit his death November 9, 1966 was after their last concert in August of 1966.


          • Hello Berry here is a reference to 13 being a number of the AIF: “The Bible assigns ’13’ the meaning of “rebellion against constituted authority”, plus the depravity that caused Satan to rebel against God.”

            I don’t know what depravity is a reference to in this context regarding Lucifer’s Rebellion.

            This is the website that contains this: http://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/cienciareal/cienciareal20.htm . And it states annual human sacrifice dates too.

            And Halloween is a major AIF human sacrifice day so 5 being a or the number of death makes sense knowing this since 10/31= 1+0+3+1=5. Also 13 is the number of weeks between each equinox/solstice.

            7 and 9 are two other numbers the AIF are obsessed with when it comes to events and sacrifices. My birthday adds up in numerology to 13 which I presume was deliberately done in the Tunnel of Light along with my astrological natal chart?

            Does your birthday add up to 5, 7, 9, 11, or 13 in numerology Berry?


          • My birthday adds up to 7 but I have never thought about this being a bad thing. 7 seems positive if you talk about 7 heaven, the 7 chakras etc. Dont know what bad plans AIF would have for these numbers but I dont believe the Paris Attacks on Friday 13 was a coincendence.

            5 would be a number for humanity.. 5 fingers.. five elements were humans originate from the fifth element ether. In a pentagram of five edges a good one would point up to the fifth element ether while someone using it satanicly would point it down towards oneself. Aquarius age is said to be the fifth age http://in5d.com/age-of-aquarius-and-5th-dimension-trivia/

            13 would be a rebellion agaisnt the established 12 months of the year with non-equal days per month and also a rebellion agaisnt the 12 established signs in the zodaic.

            “If you only knew the significance of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to the universe”
            – Nicola Tesla



            Nikola Tesla 3 6 9
            3 6 9 – “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have a key to…


          • My mistake my birthday adds up to 11, being 1/28. Of course 7/4=11 Independence Day does too. And 3 could well be a number that the AIF is obsessed with when you consider that the presidential inaguration day is 1/20= 1+2+0=3. There must have been a good reason(s) for picking January 20 as the presidential inaguration date. It was the 20th Amendment that changed it to this date, (coincidence?). And the official inaguration time is 12 P.M. Originally the presidential inaguration date was March 4, 3/4=3+4=7. Seeing as 7 is one of the numbers the AIF is obsessed with from what I read this is no surprise. And both the chakras and pineal gland are traps of the AIF’s.


          • Okey I see your number is eleven. Its intresting numerology but right now I would give you an answer to a question you asked here before.

            The easiest way to leave the body without being dead and inflicting harm on yourself would be to use DMT. DMT is released naturally when dying in your body so there is a complete natural substance that your own body uses. Its also a documentary called DMT: The spirit molecule https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LtT6Xkk-kzk Also a book with the same name. Other psychedelic drugs may be good too but this one is what your own body uses and some say its the strongest psychedelic drug.


    • Hello all of you…why on Mother Earth are you talking suicide…that’s what they want….to go mistakenly to “the light” so they can control you. The Planet needs us…She needs our help to save Her. …we have to raise The Universal Conciousness, filling ourselves with Love, Empathy and Compassion so Lucifer, the reptilians and their evil minions will implode….that’s how we will win….not by fighting or anger or aggression or by running away( suicide )…that reduces our Power and pleases them greatly….we will prevail eventually…The Pleieadians with whom I am in contact will help us….but only if we ask. They will not interfere unless nuclear warfare becomes involved …The Light is Within You….Use it !!! Goldie


    • hello anonymous,
      I remember reading somewhere in level 5 that those who commit suicide will have to go to the lower astral level which is a horrible place to go to.
      I would strongly recommend that you google ” Dolores Cannon and the three waves of souls volunteers ” and read all the information you can find on it.
      May you find the right path.
      peace and love.


  2. I came across a link that I find to be very important for us truth seekers who have been fans of Wes Penre’s various papers and publications. Information, that I feel, seems to bring it all together. Although I am not a fan of channeled messages, my HS guided me to this particular message that I resonate with and feel the majority of the information is authentic and fits in quite well w/ the work Wes has painstakingly rushed to get out to us. Not to mention Marduk and his arrival in Africa, the September “prophecy” that is being heavily pushed by the AIF, and Wes’s recent correspondence earlier this year by TM. I strongly believe this may be the missing link on why the harvesting of souls is so important. Not to mention our vessels ability to access the KHAA through nano travel can be used as a dangerous weapon against Mother. Lastly, this link confirms my belief that Mother and Ninurta has a strategy and our important role we agreed to play in it. Please use descernment and consult your inner Truth on it’s validity.http://lightworkers.org/channeling/215646/cosmic-awareness-hadron-cern-collider-activation-planetary-alignments


      • In case you have not read a recent comment of mine Mark here are some interesting links that confirm that Lucifer created the four seasons of the weather and that all animals were vegetarian before the original sin which was Lucifer raping Castille and conquering this planet: http://www.maicar.com/GML/AgesOfMan.html


        And I read the links you posted about the hidden purpose of the LHC and it makes sense and sounds like a way for Lucifer, Marduk, and Eskegikal to come back to this planet. Personally I think the AIF will keep the “illusion of freedom” running here in the US for at least a few more years due to the fact that the 2016 Presidential election has not happened yet. And in case you are not aware of this Mark Wes mentions in the Fifth Level of Learning I think that the purpose of astrology is a way for the AIF to manipulate us. For instance the South Node is a way to keep people in the patterns the AIF want them to have. I have my South Node in Pisces which is associated with escapism, ego dissolution, and asceticism, which is a way for the AIF to manipulate me since they would want a soul like us to be prone to those things.

        And one things that nobody seems to state about manifestation and the LoA is that if you are insecure in your pelvis about the manifestation of something it will not manifest. Basically by clearing fear from your pelvis things you want to manifest will start manifesting. For instance there is a Farmers Market in the city I live in that attracts people who are into health and spiritual matters that create meaning in their life and are aware that a conspiracy exists and probably attracts people who have read Wes’s papers that I used to go to with that man that has the sexual attraction to minors under the age of 13 and in**** sexual abberations, his wife, and the son of a friend of that man’s. Ever since my parents have barred me from going there while it was that man that introduced me to there it is still a good place to visit. And all the times I tried to manifest going there did not work and I notice that when I think about it manifesting there is fear in my pelvis. If you ever vist Miami, Florida on a Saturday it is worth visiting the name of it is the Coconut Grove Glasser Farms Farmers Market.

        -Thanks, Anonymous


          • Mark when you chose to reincarnate on this planet without the BLA did you choose your place and time of birth in such a way that your astrological natal chart would be most beneficial for you? And were you aware that astrology is a way the AIF manipulates us when you reincarnated in this life?

            And although this man Steve Pavlina is not into conspiracy theories here is an article I bet you will like called “The Evil Exit”:


            And on another note one way the AIF probably tries to keep us eating animal products is by taking vitamin b12 out of the soil through modern farming practices, thus keeping us dependent on the system. Plus you ingest fear and trauma from eating the flesh, eggs, and dairy of factory farmed animals along with the cruelty inflicted on the animals.

            -Thanks, Anonymous


          • Here is an excerpt from a book I read years ago called the Teenage Liberation Handbook by Grace Llewellyn that probably everyone who reads Wes’s papers would agree with: “Watching TV, hanging out, etc. are very empty and unsatisfying pursuits to me. I know there’s more to my life than that…” -Kim Kopel

            The Teenage Liberation Handbook is about the unschooling philosophy which is an education philosophy that believes in people learning things themselves by their own free will with no coercion of any kind, I.e. compulsory schooling laws. And the author gives book, business, and job, suggestions too along with a chapter mentioning visionary experience.

            Personally Mark being around people who have no desire to create meaning in their life feels like a waiting game unless it is for business purposes.

            -Thanks, Anonymous


          • Also Mark regarding money and the LoA from what I know of it is possible to manifest receiving money without working for it. Once I found a $100 bill on the ground and Stephen Davis the author of Butterflies Are Free To Fly has not worked for money in years yet is still always financially taken care of by the LoA.

            Considering that before Lucifer coerced his hegemony over this planet the Namulu never had to work for money and all their needs were met by nature/The Garden of Eden, I personally think it is morally fine to manifest all the money needed to live off of without working for it. And all Currency here in the US is fiat currency that is created out of thin air by the AIF.

            -Thanks, Anonymous


      • Mark although there are major consequences in this possible timeline about the LHC I do not think enough of the masses focus on this issue enough for the timeline to manifest. If you ask me the most important timeline for us to avoid is the Machine Kingdom. With the LHC timeline we can still escape the grid if it caused physical death while the Machine Kingdom prevents souls from going back to their spiritual state and escaping the grid. Do you consider yourself to be ready to leave civilization behind and start or join a community of truthseekers that live in 100% harmony with nature?

        -Thanks, Anonymous


        • Hi Anonymous. The primary function for the creation of the LHC was to harness the energy that is CURRENTLY enveloping this planet as i type these words. the harnessing of this energy (Divine Consciousness) will give the AIF the ability to delay or control the mass evolution of collective consciousness happening NOW; thereby, leading human kind toward the machine kindom U want to avoid. by deeming this maching to be inoperable during the peak solar storm that occurred sat, we would cause a major disruption in their plans. btw, we had help. it wasnt just humans that participated and we were successful. needless to say, the AIF are pretty pissed. the bulk of this geomagnetic storm will not fully pass for another few days and it is my guess that shit is about to hit the fan real soon. go within Anomymous and consult your HS concerning these matters. the machine kingdom and what just occurred are not two separate events. they are one of the same:-)


          • Mark I was naive about the fact that the LHC is able to harness divine energy. In addition in my opinion some of the worst if not the worst manipulation aside from the Machine Kingdom and BLA is the spiritual deceptions of karma and that you come here and pick your parents et cetera to learn lessons. If the learn lessons statement were true all truthseekers souls would have picked parents who eat organic food, avoid fluoride, compulsory schooling laws, and vaccinations and are aware of past lives, reincarnation, and energy blockages/undealt with emotional issues to help support our spiritual growth.

            I’m 19 and about to go to college simply because I am not willing to reveal my desire to leave civilization behind and join or create a community of truthseekers to my parents. What would you do if you were still years away from financial independence at a time when the Machine Kingdom is right around the corner? Manifesting a travel opportunity and becoming a minimalistic off the grid nomad permanently would be a suggestion for others in my situation.

            Also Mark in case you are not aware of this unless you set an intention before your have sex or masturbate the sexual energy that gets released gets sucked up by the AIF. And two other things the AIF does not want people to properly practice is sex transmutation/semen retention and tantric sex. When you have an explosive orgasm it drains your body of energy and causes you to feel docile and exhausted like a cow on the other hand by having only implosive orgasms and in the case of men retaining your semen it causes you to have more energy and confidence. Although this is good to practice the dark side is that if you do not properly transmute it repressed sexual energy causes homicidal thoughts, violence, intolerance and hatred, rape, sexual molestation, homosexuality, pedophilia, and incest. For example Thoreau who was homosexual practiced semen retention most if not his entire adult life has one journal entry that I know of presumably sexually looking at little boys swimming naked. In order to fix sexual repression by semen retention/sex transmutation in both men and women you have to clear energy blockages in your body including the pelvis so the repressed sexual energy can rise to other locations in the body.

            Personally I have retained my semen for the last 9+ months approximately and while it is worth practicing dark thoughts and desires enter my head regularly that are definitely a result of sexual repression.

            -Thanks, Anonymous


          • Mark one way to consult your intuition is to muscle test yourself by asking your body a question or making a statement. A strong answer from your body means yes and a weak answer means no to a question/statement and if there is a possible shade of gray answer you can ask more questions to get the shade of gray answer.

            Also a form of intuition is that you can picture whether you have compatibility with somebody by attempting to picture it.

            -Thanks, Anonymous


          • Hi Anonymous, i cannot judge the actions U choose to uphold your TRUTH. that can only be done by U and U alone. just remember, it is not your experiences that defines your TRUTH. It is your TRUTH that defines your experiences. may peace always follow you on your journeys from within and without. Namaste:)


          • What are your main interests Mark besides the AIF, breaking free of them, and enjoying what Earth once was before the AIF came? And I don’t know about you but many places remind me of the Garden of Eden.

            P.S.: If I’m talking at you in your opinion let me know and I’ll stop.

            -Thanks, Anonymous


          • Mark seeing as you reincarnated onto this planet without the BLA is there a way to command your soul to peacefully leave your body permanently, I.e. physical death if s**t hits the fan so you can escape from the grid?

            And you are the first person I’ve known that has escaped from the grid successfully before.

            -Thanks, Anonymous


          • Hello Mark you have mentioned that you have escaped the grid before, what are the instructions to escape the grid upon death?

            -Thanks, Max


    • Hi Anonymous, my question for U is why would U want to? U are paricipating in a unique project never attempted before. through the process of transmutation, U are consciously altering not only your vibrational frequency, but the DNA that makes up your cellular structure. you are manisfesting a NEW human template to express the divinity of your MOTHER while at the same time experiencing the process on an ascending landscape. not to mention U are gifted w/ FIRE. need i say more? U control your destiny, not the AIF. btw, i am by no means any more special than the thousands upon thousands of truth seekers awakening to their TRUTH such as yourself. go within Anonymous to seek answers to your queries. ALL of your answers are waiting to be discovered. TRUST


      • The reason I ask that is because what if the AIF were able to repair the grid completely and bar us from escaping through the holes in the grid.

        And if you enjoy visions and otherworldly experiences here is a vision of mine that you might like Mark: you have a boy/girlfriend or you are polyamorous and have an additional romantic partner and when you have (tantric) sex with them for the first time as an initiation ceremony you say “Gaze into my eyes, see my life flash before your eyes.” and your partner sees your entire life flash before their eyes.

        This poem has some similarity to my vision: “Temple of Living Light

        Show me your mysteries, I’ll show you mine
        As we embark outside this space and time.
        Clasping hands we’ll join the dance divine,
        Flowing gently toward eternal rhyme.

        Tell me your fantasies, I’ll tell you mine
        Show me your ecstasies that flow as wine.
        Together we’ll reach the highest peak sublime,
        Drinking deeply from the spring of time.

        Try as we might…
        So many chambers in which to dwell

        To reach the heights…
        From the bottom of the wishing well

        With second sight…
        How we ascend only time will tell

        To the Temple of Living Light…
        Far beyond heaven and hell

        Bare your heart to me, I’ll give you mine
        Though all alone we might be flying blind.
        Through embrace fire and ice entwine,
        Surging and merging as the ocean tide.”

        Do you have some favorite visions and/or otherworldly experiences Mark?

        -Thanks, Anonymous


  3. Who would YOU prefer of the two “En…” brothers, En.lil or En.ki?

    Interesting to see how you, Wes, like most people, in these ‘circles’, ‘favored’ Enki of the two brothers, for a ‘long time’……

    At one time, I used to be ‘captivated’ by the eloquence and elegance – when I first started reading about the more ‘credible’ type of channeling/channelers, (in my view), back in 2003-2006 or so – of messages by an entity called “El Elyon”.

    My wife even channeled him briefly for one or two ‘sessions’ – she had never channeled ‘anyone’ before, in her life! 🙂

    Then I read about being very cautious and discerning, and not falling into the trap of these entities’ eloquence etc., by a great spiritual teacher from Australia, called Barry Long, saying these entities can be most deceptive, etc., and unnecessary, in our ‘spiritual evolution’.

    But knowing that now, I never could ‘fault’ this El Elyon, ‘character’, I must say.

    Then, sometime later I found out that El Elyon was, none other than En.lil, himself!

    So I have ‘always’ had a soft spot for this ‘guy’ (En.lil) – from the get go. 🙂

    Just thought you may find that interesting, Wes!? 🙂

    Bob from down-under.


    • The mythic universe is ‘behind’ (the cause of) the universe we see with our ‘senses’.

      It is also behind our concepts of the universe and the innumerable scientific theories about it.

      In other words, the mythic universe is ‘behind’ the human mind, and is, the source of all (sense-able) existence.

      Only myth can describe what is behind the human mind.

      Science has no myth, so science cannot do it.

      Religious myth has endeavored to.

      So have the myths of the ancients and the primitives.

      Each has told its story of what’s behind the universe.

      And the stories are as numerous as the stars in the sky.

      That’s because, in the mythic universe behind what we see, every star represents an idea in the mind of the Great Being – God . . .

      Such talk is mythic. The scientific mind cannot stomach it.

      But to the man ‘behind’ the scientific mind, and the man ‘behind’ the human mind, such mythic talk can have a strange uplifting quality – uplifting of course towards the most high, the absolute God.

      Where else is there to go in a life, that never ends?

      Only in the scientific mind and human mind does life end, and therefore have no enduring purpose.

      Myth has no before or after, no past, no future.

      We can never establish to the satisfaction of our rational minds that myth is true or real; we can only believe it or not believe it.

      The contemporary demonstration of myth in action is the appearance of UFOs – Unidentified Flying Objects.

      UFOs do not come from the outer universe as is popularly believed; they come from within – from the mythic universe.

      At a speed far in excess of the calculated speed of light, they emerge from the depths of the universal mind, . . . .

      Enter the ‘Draconic Transverse’, then the solar and terrestrial minds, and finally, sensory existence.

      Here, due to the resistance of the past, their speed is vastly reduced; as is their ability to stay visible for long.

      Being mythic, meaning really non-existent, they have to consume the immediate past around them, to exist.

      As soon as this is exhausted, they vanish. . . . . . . .

      Extract from: “The Origins of Man and the Universe” (pp 259-60)
      by Barry Long



    • Interesting find, ‘pc’, worthy of sharing around.

      And, like Mr Lee said, it’s all very simple to ‘learn’, or more correctly, to ‘unlearn’, what we have ever been taught, to date;

      To communicate again, naturally, with our bodies, and re-connect with nature.

      The way of creating a new world of health and abundance, for sure.

      Thanks. 🙂


      • Bob in case you are not aware of this Wes has stated in the Fifth Level of Learning that opening the chakras and activating the pineal gland are both traps. And by clearing energy blockages/unprocessed emotional issues from our bodies communicating naturally with our bodies becomes easier. An easy way to get answers from your body’s intuition is by muscle testing yourself. Depending on how you set the statement(s) up your body will respond with a feeling for yes or no.

        And I fully agree with you Bob that reconnecting with our bodies and nature naturally is the way to create health and abundance. By living a minimalistic and healthy life in nature we are free from the AIF’s economic slavery in the form of fiat currency, since then we will have no need any monetary items and services from civilization.

        And have you ever seen any scenes flash before your eyes of different places and times Bob? For instance I have seen JFK’s life flash by, including I think a Marilyn Monroe affair scene and possibly Thomas Jefferson having an affair with Sally Hemmings and other things too including scenes at an old friend’s house.

        -Thanks, Anonymous


        • Yes, I read about and am aware of Wes’ comments re opening the pineal gland etc., thanks, “A”.

          I can’t re-collect ‘seeing’ scenes flash before my eyes like you describe above, but it has probably occurred from time to time, and I have put it in the ‘didn’t happen’ and/or ‘must have imagined it’ basket or recesses of my mind, perhaps.



    • Hello Jerry what noticeable benefits have you seen from releasing and revoking contracts with the Lords of Karma? We certainly do not reincarnate here and have past life amnesia to learn lessons, this is unequivocally done by Lucifer, Marduk, Ereskigal, and their minions to us to keep us as their slave race.

      Civilization is quite upside-down/ass backwards if you ask me, for instance eating is turned into something convoluted when there are people who are 100% fruititarians that have only ate organic raw fruit for years and are healthy. And another benefit of fruititarianism is that the need for deodorant goes away, along with toothpaste, washing your hair, plates, silverware, and for women feminine hygiene products since menstruation is unnatural and is a method of the female body releasing toxins from eating animal products and investing other toxins. Let’s see if the entire human race were fruititarians the entire cooking, meat, dairy, eggs, vegetables, grains, processed food, restaurant, diningware, shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste, and feminine hygiene products industries would all collapse. No wonder fruititarianism is discouraged and ridiculed by the mainstream media and people who have been programmed by the establishment.

      And what are you dreams Jerry besides being free from the AIF?

      -Thanks, Anonymous


  4. Wes,
    Have you heard of SOPHIA STEWART l author of the Matrix and Terminator trilogies? I found it interesting in this interview on Project Camelot, that she was inspired by Star Wars and thought about Lucifer, the dark side and she thought about what it would be like if Lucifer would create a machine like kingdom that would doom mankind similar to what you have been talking about, that will happen if we humans do not awaken and fight it.


  5. Mr. Penre,

    Are you familiar with Ron Amitron and his creationlightship.com website? If so, would like to know your opinion of him and his claims/teachings. Haven’t seen any reference to him in your previous papers. Thanks.


  6. HI Wes

    I have been researching the New World Order for about 11 years when i stumbled onto your papers via the “hidden hand” paper a few years ago, i started to read your papers but did not “fully get it” so i went on a journey of discovery which has taken me about a year to fully understand, its been a long exciting journey and continues to be so, i have read your papers twice now and fully understand what you are saying (i needed to fully understand each part before i could move on), the second read has been a real awakening for me as i see the agenda ever so clear, yours and other papers have taught me to discover who i am and what our purpose on Earth is and i thank you for your input in my journey.

    See you in the KHAA


    Liked by 1 person

  7. Wes, thanks for all the research you’ve been doing on these topics. Please consider putting all your previous and current writings in printed books or booklets that can be ordered from you. Perhaps sales from printed books would help fund further research. E-books are fine for those who don’t mind going blind staring at a computer screen for hours on end. Printed books are much easier on the eyes for those over 40! And much more convenient for reading.


      • Great information, thanks a million, Wes, . . . . . so long as we apply this info., as in, applying those soul-utions, at least, where relevant, in our daily living conditions, of course!

        My eye-sight is far from what it was a couple of years ago (I’m 70) where I enjoyed reading books, more,

        But now, with better screen resolution technology, adobe acrobat, auto-scrolling, and magnification at our disposal, I prefer using that ‘look no hands’ facility part of the ‘machine-kingdom technology’, I have to say. 🙂

        No stress and no eye-strain, as long as you get your fair share of ‘sunlight’ exposure, wherever possible, in between your reading episodes.

        Another Bob – from ‘down-under’.


  8. Thanks a lot Wes for all your works and your e-books !!!
    Congratulations for your new blog.
    Merci beaucoup for the (future) French translation page !!


  9. My main problem with the ‘hijacked afterlife” angle is the innumerable NDE accounts that are positive and life-affirming. That’s all a charade? Its a quantum charade if so…


  10. Thank you, Wes, for all you do. For ten years I followed an Indian goddess who adoptedthe deference to deities I did not question. Even my Taoist buddies expect to lose the soul in one big over soul and go to the light at death. Sevan also speaks of the hijacking. Andrew Bartzis says a first step is the soul contract revocations, the next step being something like psy surgery to disentangle from family crests and, I think, the last thing is reuniting with your I am presence/over soul – accelerated by reuniting with your soul family. Do you think the Soul exists in say 10D? I think it must if Enki Lucifer Vishner can holiday in the 96% when he’s not lording it over us here.


  11. Congrats on your blog. your papers and e-book have been a huge inspiration to me. Thank you. your blog site has not been open for 24 hours and already you have Lucifer’s lap dogs spreading misinformation and lies. (sigh) let the games begin:)


  12. Blessings Wes, this is Rejeanne Parent from FB. 🙂 I love this page already, thanks for taking care of your fans! very informative reading you have been sharing. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Hey Wes nice new blog.. I’d only add my opinion that the entity who created the Abrahamic religions (Anu) is the real ‘bad guy’ and that Enki/Ea has been trying to save us from his fathers dark rule from the very beginning. Enlil is also on our side.. It was never a war between brothers it was a war against dad. Lucifer is one of the only entities that cares about our sovereignty and right to evolve/escape this planet. Remember the victors are the ones who write history.


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