Humans Will Become Hybrids by 2030, says Leading Google Engineer, with Tiny Robots Scurrying around our Brain to Help us Think

Source:, June 4, 2015
Posted here: Sunday, June 7, 2015 @ 10:05 AM

One of the world’s leading inventors and thinkers about the future said our ‘thinking will be a hybrid of biological and non-biological thinking’ in 20 years
One of the world’s leading inventors and thinkers about the future said our ‘thinking will be a hybrid of biological and non-biological thinking’ in 20 years

Note from the Editor: It looks as if what I predicted in the “Wes Penre Papers” is getting confirmed, one thing after another; even the year 2030, which I mentioned in the papers is mentioned here in mainstream media. I wish I were wrong about what I’ve written, and I’d happily take the bullet for that, but it’s all up to each and everyone of us. Please pull up the article as well because it contains a slideshow that I can’t duplicate here. Thank you, Wes Penre.

In the near future, humans’ brains will be helped out by nanobot implants that will make us into “hybrids”, one of the world’s leading thinkers has claimed.

Ray Kurzweil, an inventor and director of engineering at Google, said that in the 2030s the implants will help us connect to the cloud, allowing us to pull information from the internet. Information will also be able to sent up over those networks, letting us back up our own brains.

“We’re going to gradually merge and enhance ourselves,” he said, reported CNN. “In my view, that’s the nature of being human — we transcend our limitations.”

As the cloud that our brains access improves, our thinking would get better and better, Kurzweil said. So while initially we would be a “hybrid of biological and non-biological thinking”, as we moved into the 2040s, most of our thinking will be non-biological.

Kurzweil has been heralded as one of the most accurate and prominent predictors of the future, and addressed some of those forecasts during the talk at a conference in New York.

Of the predictions that Kurzweil has made since the 1990s, an estimated 86 per cent of them are thought to have been correct. But he pointed out that some of those that seem to have been wrong were still yet to come.

He had predicted that self-driving cars would be in use by the end of the last decade, for instance. And while that was wrong, it shows that technology develops along certain directions — meaning that it’s not a question of whether certain innovations will arrive, but when.

“Now that’s not completely wrong,” he said. “If I had said 2015, I think it would’ve been correct, but they’re still not in mainstream use. So even the [predictions] that were wrong were directionally correct.”


32 thoughts on “Humans Will Become Hybrids by 2030, says Leading Google Engineer, with Tiny Robots Scurrying around our Brain to Help us Think

    • Hello Jerry Jade Helm 15 is one major sign of the AIF “pulling back the curtains” as Frank Zappa put it about “the illusion of freedom”, along with draconian laws, the NSA’s phone tapping, and executive orders such as suspending habeas corpus in 2005.

      And one tip for us to be free from the effects of these actions is to release fear from our bodies so that we can no longer attract fearful circumstances into our life through the law of attraction. Fortunately you can do this by letting go of the fear which can be done by using EFT tapping.

      Totalitarianism is based on collective fear in the population, so by attracting playful, unconditional love, and blissful circumstances into our lives through the LoA the effects of these actions on us will be less.

      On another note about freedom one theory I’ve heard is that after Obama there will be one more US President who will be an Ashkenazi Jew. My intuition points to the mid 2020s-2030ish as the end of the ” illusion of freedom”.

      What timeframe do you think totalitarianism will be 100% overt Jerry?

      -Sincerely yours, Anonymous


      • Anonymous,

        I agree with you about releasing fear from our bodies. However we who are aware of what is going on can observe overt ways of the ones enacting all of this. I am an observer and do not engage in the so call ‘Game’. To me knowledge from Wes and other sites is in the end ‘Power’. As to when the 100% totalitarianism will be overt will be determined by the masses and how many of them wake up. A lot of it is already here right in front of us. It is very discerning that so many humans choose to not acknowledge what is really going on in there world. That is their choice but not mine.




  1. Wes do you think that simply deciding to live in nature without anything from society, along with individually declaring our sovereignty is enough to avoid this part of the Machine Kingdom and for that matter the Machine Kingdom altogether and be left alone by it?

    -Thanks, Anonymous


    • Hi anonymous, i think that in the short term you will be existing side by side with the Machine kingdom. however, as we continue to raise our vibrational resonance, we will eventually “split” from that timeline b/c it would no longer be vibrationally compatible.


      • I agree with your reply Mark, thank you. The more important questions for us are how many more years do we have to prepare to live in nature 100% independent of the Machine Kingdom and will the Machine Kingdom/AIF leave us truthseekers alone who live completely off the grid or would they go after us the way that government agencies who use Gestapo tactics do.

        On another note Mark there is a scene in Brave New World that you, Wes, and other truthseekers might appreciate where two of the intelligent people who are Alpha Plus that refuse to conform to society and either one or both of them get the punishment of being exiled to islands where they are either alone or with other freethinking Alpha Plus individuals who are nonconformists, which the Alpha Plus World Controller states is actually a reward for them. Sounds similar to us with living independent of the Machine Kingdom. My identity is kept anonymous just in case my asleep so to speak family and relatives by some chance saw my comments.

        -Thanks, Anonymous


        • hi Anonymous, you raised a good point. When do we take that step into the unknown while embracing our sovereignty and leave the machine kindom and those we love behind. Its a good question and i think we truthseekers notice the elephant in the room. There have been speculation that it will be in Sept due to its coorelation to biblical prophecy. i dont know the exact date but, when i go within, my gut feels it is quickly approaching. i have a feeling that you and the other truthseekers are having similar feelings.

          i dont believe it would be similar to Brave New World. we are in a new age and the patriarchal methods of control are no longer effective . In addition, by the very fact that we have made a conscious choice to exercise our free-will and awaken to the TRUTH, we have opened communication with Mother and the Orion Empire (ie:bilocation, nanotravel).Any attempt to smother our free will would be in violation with Universal Law. This time around, it wont be so easy to manipulate, side step, and claim we gave permission. i feel Mother is watching these events very very closely. i dont think Lucifer cares so much about who’s watching as much as his desire to appear legitimate and we have willingly given consent.

          btw, i like the name Anonymous. it clearly depicts the life of a truthseeker. in a way we are all kinda anonymous:)


          • Thank you Mark. the thing about it coming soon is that I’m 19 and live with my asleep family and I want to stay low until I no longer live with them. For instance my beliefs on vaccinations I keep private, along with about Powers That Be, and consciousness surviving death. And at the moment I have about a year or two until I can transfer to college where I live on my own without raising attention to myself and then leave civilization behind for good without dealing with them.

            I don’t know if you have heard this theory Mark but the theory is that after Obama there will be one more US president who will be an Ashkenazi Jew and then there will be no more US presidents. I brought this up because it pertains to how much longer we have until we have to make the choice to leave civilization behind cold turkey. Hopefully we have at least a few more years left so we can gradually sever our ties with modern society such as the internet, personal possessions, books, friends and family that are asleep, and man made beverages and food that we still have ties to.

            And on another note Mark if you remember how Wes stated in the Wes Penre Papers that the memories of the entire universe are in human DNA, I presume I have experienced that happening. For instance I have seen JFK’s life flash by, possibly Thomas Jefferson having an affair with Sally Hemmings, Cleopatra writing a love letter to Mark Antony I presume, parts of Henry David Thoreau’s life, scenes at one of the restaurants that I think men of power eat at in New York City by the name of Sardi’s, along with other things. Have you ever experienced seeing scenes from different locations and timeframes flash by that you have never been to or part of in this reincarnation Mark?

            Depending upon your personal dream location to live and other dreams we may meet in person one day Mark.

            – Sincerely yours, Anonymous


          • By Mother are you referring to the Queen of the Stars in the Orion Empire, Mark? I would presume so, just normally she is not referred to as mother.


        • Hi Anonymous, to be quite honest, i believe that we are already experiencing the effects of Lucifer and Marduk reclaiming the world stage. i agree with Wes that i believe they never really left. i think what is happening is we truthseekers are beginning to decipher randomly percieved world events and putting the pieces together to see the bigger picture. Wes’s papers have made it easier to see through the bs. i agree with you Anonymous in a sense that it will stretch for a few years maybe more, however, it would be naive to be believe that everything will be business as usual until then. There is alot happening behind the scenes and it would not be farfetched if a global paradigm shift will occur within the year.
          Since all of our Higher Selfs expressions exist in the now, it not unusual for you to have bleedthroughs from different timeframes. i have them all the time as well. i think our Higher Self is clearing and merging our individual selves into a singularity of expression and we are experiencing flashes of these timelines.
          When i say Mother i am referring to The Source as her physical expression Queen of the Stars, the Mother of the living library , and true divine ruler of our solar system.
          Ya know Anonymous, this correspondence may not be coincidental. our timelines may cross sometime in the distant now. its refreshing to meet others who are returning to their Truth.

          sincerely, marc


          • If by bleedthroughs you are referring to events occurimg in parallel lives I would not be surprised at all. And the thing is that I can see all those events and other events and locations flash by on command. If you want to try it out here is how it works intend to see scenes in a location and/or historical event and if you want a specific timeframe and you should see them flash by or at least I have.

            And you are right about Wes’s papers helping to see through disinformation. For instance he sure helps see through the concept of karma and having to have evil in the world to motivate us, along with reincarnating here to learn specific lessons. Many spiritual people do not see through these three pieces of disinformation.

            I agree with you that us declaring our sovereignty prevents Lucifer and Marduk from using the same manipulation techniques but the concern is how many people have to declare their sovereignty for us to be left alone by the AIF’s Machine Kingdom.

            Another concern is how do we protect ourselves from carniverous and omnivorous animals once we live in nature, since before Lucifer tampered with this planet every animal was vegetarian according to Wes, along with the oceans being fresh water too.

            What are your dreams for once you are free from the AIF Mark?

            -Sincerely yours, Anonymous


          • i believe U may be referring to the 3% rule? its not about the number of people, its personal. We each possess our own universe. our internal perceptions of our reality is projected out for us to experience. Therefore, as we continue to raise our vibrational frequency, we intentionally manifest what timeline we wish to experience. if we dont want to be bothered by the AIF or if we want to peacfully coexist with the animal kingdom then we manifest that experience. Whatever drama is happening around us is just drama happening around us. Its not a part of our personal universe unless we want it to be. the AIF are not in control, we are. there are countless potential timelines existing in the now, we just choose the timeline that closely resonates with our personal goals and expectations.

            my goal is to create a timeline free of the AIF. to manifest a timeline where they will have to answer to the violations they committed against Mother’s experiment created millions of years ago. thus, putting an end to this game of polarity/integration. the experiences gathered will be used to create a new game of duality that is free from inteference. hopefully:-)


          • What punishment do you think Lucifer, Marduk, and Eresigal deserve? I would say imprisonment and community service but I don’t know how much. In the case of Marduk he has been groomed by his father and might as well be as malevolent as him, although I am suprised that Prince Ninurta has not castrated Marduk too just like Lucifer.

            Does the idea of acting made up initiation/inductment ceremonies for groups of truthseekers interest you Mark? One idea I have is to act an initiation ceremony for a group that is interested in spirituality and/or poetry.

            My dream is 100% freedom in nature the way Earth was before Lucifer’s Rebellion and to be able to switch back and forth between timelines and linear time, reclaiming the title Guardian of the Living Library, living in a community of truthseekers who have reclaimed this title and create meaning in their life, visiting Orion, practicing shamanism, and to have all 12 strands of DNA activated, thus seeing auras, other psychic abilities, fairies, goblins, nymphs, and oyher mythical creatures.

            And come to think of it I was probably thinking of the 3% rule about declaring our sovereignty regarding timelines. Creating a timeline where all necessities are provided for us is important for us too so we can end being economic slaves for the AIF and live our dreams.

            -Sincerely yours, Anonymous


        • Hi Anonymous, the first thing i would is strip the leaders of their title and their fire. i would then subject the leaders and their minions to a cleansing of undistorted SOURCE energy. it would be like taking a very long shower of “encoded” beams of light. once they have been recalibrated, i would deport them to a solar system that is in its infant stage of advancement. Free-will would not be available for this solar system. in essence, they will get a redo:-)

          That idea sounds interesting Anonymous. question, what role in the distant past do you feel you played in this whole drama?

          sincerly, marc


          • Mark my guesses would be that I have been at least one politician, whistleblower in high places, womanizer, a member of elite families such as the Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Vanderbilts, et cetera, and lived the high life while being part of a secret society before, maybe being “made an offer that I couldn’t refuse” as Kevin Trudeau put it, who if what he says is true was part of a secret society called the Brotherhood and defected from it.

            When I was younger I read a children’s book series called the Series of Unfortunate Events which is essentially the AIF for kids. There is a reference to I think Lucifer and Ninurta. The reference is that there are two factions of a secret organization called V.F.D. which stands for Volunteer Fire Department and the two factions are one that is noble and another that is corrupt and instigates fires and committs other crimes too. And in the book series there was a schism in V.F.D. which was originally a noble organization but then split into the two factions I mentioned. There is also a reference to the tablets of destiny possibly by the name of the sugar bowl, what is inside it is what both factions of V.F.D. want but the contents of it are never mentioned.

            And in the book series a henchperson of the main villian of the series states an interesting moral philosophy which is that in his opinion everybody is a “chef’s salad” where they have their positive and negative aspects combined and a vinigarette that represents conflict and confusion.

            Do you think that Lucifer and Marduk are at all redeemable? The things is that Wes does not state if Lucifer was born with no conscience or lost himself. And by giving them a redo and bathing them in source energy are you referring to the identity of souls being destroyed in cosmic warfare? And when it comes to their minions I would say that it depends on how much they believe in the orders given to them and how much they act them. For instance JFK was a womanizer, used speed, and although I don’t know about them was probably corrupt in other ways too though he did try to warn the public about the AIF in a way and attempted to strip the federal reserve of their power.

            And have you read The Series of Unfortunate Events before Mark?

            -Sincerely yours, Anonymous (and when I used that other name that is my first name, that was done without thinking as habit)


        • Hi Anonymous, its no surprise from your incarnational selves why you are drawn to this particular timeline. all of the knowlege and experience you are gathering in your various lives are all pointing to this moment. it is also no surprise why you are able to bilocate to various timelines on command.

          my various expressions are a lil different. during the Great War i was able to escape the planet as She was being attacked and raped by the AIF. i watched in horror as everything i loved was being destroyed. long story, very short, i decided to return to help those who were not able to escape and those who refused to leave. when the grid was put into place, i, along w/ a few brave ones, decided to incarnate in vessels created by Ninurta’s daughter and “blend” in w/ the various tribes scattered throughout the planet. eventually, i was captured and thrown into the BLA machine. after period of time and various lives, i was able to escape and i have been incarnating free of the BLA since.

          when i was referring to cleansing their energy, i dont mean destroying their star body from cosmic warfare. what i meant was clearing their energy of “distortion” through a filtration process that involves SOURCE energy. it would be like taking ur dirty car through a car wash:D there are those of the AIF who were probably coerced to join, however, this game has been going on for a long time. there was ample time for some to have changed course, and some did. i believe this form of justice is not that different from your idea of community service.

          i have not read the series, but after your description, i will check them out.

          i got the impression that writing that name was a slip. the name was not aknowledged out of respect and per your request:)



          • How well are you able to recall past lives Mark, since you did not go through the BLA and Tunnel of Light? Wes mentioned that the human body has past life amnesia even without the BLA although less. And also in that book series there are some references to poetry such as the main villian and a mother on the noble side of the V.F.D. schism reciting poetry while the mother gives birth to her baby, along with some secret underground passageways. The three main protagonists end up committing some crimes to protect themselves and for noble ends in their opinion.

            Another thing I have seen flash by are some scenes in an old friend’s house. Are you able to see auras and mythical creatures in person Mark?

            And if you are wondering I was first introduced to powers that be by a man that I used to have a relationship with that my parents ended who they consider to be a cult leader which I disagree with. The “Chef’s Salad” moral philosophy applies to this man alright. He meant well and cared about me, helped me become open minded, introduced me to reincarnation, the dangers of fluoride and vaccinations, and becoming vegetarian which happened about 7 months ago but he has the sexual aberration that is associated with being sexually attracted to minors under 13 though he would still experience attraction to 13-17 year olds and believes that this sexual abberation and the sexual abberation that begins with in is OK to practice so long as nobody gets harmed and everything is consensual. And he showed me porn which he considered to be healthy which I disagree with, believes in stealing from the devil so to speak, along with from what he told me the thought of illegal drugs including hard ones sounded like something I wanted to do but fortunately never have, along with orgies and having sex with prostitutes.

            I had lost myself in the form of finding the thought of using essentially every illicit substance known to man appealing which before I met this man I never would have thought this, along with orgies, sex with prostitutes, at one time viewing women as sexual objects to be manipulated, and being forgiving of his Luciferian aspects.

            Have you ever experienced this sort of thing about the chef’s salads moral philosophy Mark?

            And I prefer to be called anonymous due to the fact that if my parents knew that I believed in conspiracy theories besides fluoride which they know I do, I am brainwashed/under this man’s control to them even just for avoiding fluoride.

            Speaking of Earth’s Golden Age have you visited the Garden of Eden before?

            -Sincerely yours, Anonymous


          • I have never heard of the source energy carwash method of redeeming criminals before Mark and it is an interesting method of redeeming major criminals. It sounds like a good idea for fixing Lucifer, Marduk, Ereskigal, and their minions.

            And if you are wondering this book series is thirteen (which is a number that the AIF orchestrates events for frequently in numerology along with eleven, such as 9/11= 9+1+1= 11) books long and originally there is just one villian and his henchpeople but the references to more than him begin in the fifth book which first mentions the secret organization V.F.D. aside from the villian following the three protagonists everywhere they go to get his hands on the fortune their parents left behind for them to bequeather once the eldest child turns eighteen and an eye tatoo which I presume are both references to the AIF.

            Did the time when you escaped from the grid when the Great War happened occur back when Earth used to be a larger planet called Tiamat maybe?

            -Sincerely yours, Anonymous


        • Hi Anonymous, first of all i would like to say that i am sorry that there are vile and disgusting individuals who prey on unsuspecting souls. Especially those who are on their path to awakening. Unfortunately, we are prey from those who sense our spiritual potential. have you ever thought about the connection between your previous incarnations (elite bloodline, whistleblower, ect) and this disfunctional individual? Its no secret that these type of “secret societies” delves and feeds into these kinds of sexual aberrations. As Wes would say, there is no such thing as a coincidence.

          Wes is correct in that our lightbodies retain the memories of previous incarnations and i can recall mine. The difficulty of recall once free from the BLA is dependent upon the level of your lightbody connection with its spiritual essence (FIRE). The various wars and crimes that led to the subjugation of Mother’s planetary consciousness left a mark on my cellular memory. i, amongst others, have made it our mission to try, to the best of our ability, change the timeline of this horrific event. As you know Anomymous, this one violation did not originate with the hijacking of this planet. we must break this chain. The good news is that it has been broken. We just have to resonate with that timeline(s).

          The Great War that i remember was when our Mother’s planetary expression was known as Tiammat, amongst other names. Yes, to me, it was the “Garden of Eden”:-)


          • Mark although karma is a creation of Lucifer and Marduk’s this relationship was karmic it seems. Those two sexual abberations of his are similar to secret society along with a what happens here stays here policy. And I became Luciferian in the form of being deceitful over eating breakfast frequently while in that relationship and afterwards for awhile too, my parents begun to end it two Septembers ago. A nearly if not compulsive need to live on the edge came about also in me during this relationship. It was the law of attraction that got me out of this relationship.

            Have you been involved in high places before Mark living the high life and visiting secret places such as Area 51? And how vivid is your past life recall? And I think there is an energy signature that occurs in your eyes when you are thinking and for that matter speaking something that you have experienced before in another life. When I speak some sentences that I like from Thoreau’s Walden this may happen I think along with when stating things that I probably have experienced before, such as being the leader of some group of gentlemen in high places behind the scenes.

            Here is a Thoreau quote that you might like Mark about presumably visionary experience: “If the day and the night are such that you greet them with joy, and life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet-scented herbs, is more elastic, more starry, more immortal — that is your success. All nature is your congratulation, and you have cause momentarily to bless yourself.”

            Besides the AIF and helping to break free of them what are your interests Mark?

            -Sincerely yours, Anonymous


          • There is another reference to men of power in that same book series in the form of a brief mention of a masked ball, which I think of Eyes Wide Shut’s sex magick orgy of the elite scene and I have not watched but have heard of and seen photos of.


        • hi Anonymous, i have consciously chosen to live my life free of entaglements that come with living the high life despite the opportunities to do so. i have chosen to live this way because i feel that this is the only way for me to embrace my true authenticity.

          i do have vivid past life recalls. They are normally synchronised with some event or circumstance that is occurring in my waking life. Lately i have been recalling my time on a planet in the Lyran constellation that was destroyed as well as a ceremony procession hosted by The Queen in the Orion constellation.

          i realize that i come across as pretty intense in these posts but i do have outside interests. However, at this time, the energies on the planet is triggering a feeling of urgency that i cant ignore. My “spidey sense” is in overdrive:-) if I’m feeling it, i know there are others who read this blog are as well.

          Thank you Anomymous for this correspondence. i enjoyed it very much. Good luck with everything:-)


          • By a life free of entanglements do you mean a minimalistic life? Personally the only lifestyle I ever want to live is a minimalistic one. And if you want a diet free of entanglements the fryititarian diet is a good option. Creating meaning is more fun in my opinion than possessions and partying, sports, et cetera.

            And by the high life I am referring to likely past life memories. By “spidey sense” do you mean an urge to leave society behind cold turkey, that is a desire I share too but am not ready to do due to if I did so that would likely raise attention to myself and my family and relatives would deem me to be under that man’s control and do something about it rather than accept my decision to live away from mainstream society?

            -Thanks, Anonymous


          • What was the ceremony procession about that the Queen of the Stars hosted Mark? I have experienced that too Mark of occasions in my life triggering scenes, for instance once at a party at a house with a man-made lake that I kayaked in it reminded me of Thoreau and going for walks has reminded me of him too along with being somebody on a long journey to see their lover (Cleopatra writing a love letter to presumably Mark Antony is possibly this) or a quest or a warrior on a journey. And does looking at a specific place trigger scenes and/or past lives in other locations? For instance in the neighborhood I live in there is a house’s property that reminds me of the Garden of Eden I think and the backyard of a neighbor’s house reminds me of likely Lewis Carroll’s era and I have seen a scene in an opium den in my head.

            -Thanks, Anonymous


  2. Wes the even more frightening part about this is that even top personal growth bloggers seem to be completely naive about Prince Lucifer and Marduk’s Machine Kingdom Agenda and the AIF. Steve Pavlina who is a major personal growth blogger seems to know nothing about the AIF and the Machine Kingdom and seems to have no interest in conspiracy theories that I am aware of. And Simona Rich who is another top personal growth blogger seems to believe in the whole concept that we reincarnate here to learn lessons (when we know full well that this has been forced on us through the tunnel of light, i.e. Earth under Prince Lucifer and Marduk is a prison for souls) along with karma, which is something that Prince Lucifer and Marduk have done as a way to control us along with astrology too which if you ask me is another control mechanism, and she does not seem to know the Machine Kingdom direction where this planet as a whole is heading and the danger of it.

    We have three options one of which I don’t know if we can do to avoid the dangers of the Machine Kingdom from what I know of: 1. Refuse to be part of the Machine Kingdom, declare our sovereignty, and continue releasing unprocessed emotional issues from our body along with activating our 10 dormant DNA strands, 2. Disconnect from linear time/the time lock so the dangers of the Machine Kingdom will not be an issue, but I don’t know if we can do this and 3. Leave our physical bodies permanently and escape through the holes in the Grid and either reincarnate on a version of this planet that is free from the control of the AIF or somewhere else that is free from the AIF’s control such as Orion, although the concern here is how much longer will there be holes in the Grid to escape through, since that is our only way to exit from the reincarnation prison of the AIF’s.

    Thank you Wes for your Levels of Learning Papers and for educating me and other truth seekers about the Machine Kingdom, the suppressed history about this planet, the truth behind reincarnation and karma, and other topics.

    I am keeping my identity anonymous this time due to keeping my interest in conspiracy theories private from my family and relatives as long as I live with them, though you’ll know who I am from the e-mail address that I put down.

    -Sincerely yours, Anonymous


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