Letter from the Editor #3: My New E-Book Published

by Wes Penre, Thursday, July 25, 2016 @ 10:15 AM
Updated, Monday, Aug 1, 2016 @ 4:55 AM

Singularity Super Brain Computer

Early this morning, I posted my new free e-book online in PDF. It’s named, “Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transmutation of Man–A Roadmap to the Singularity and Beyond.”

It’s a critical review of the Artificial Intelligence Movement, Transhumanism, and it’s goal–the “Singularity,” where man and machine will be merged into one to become a hive consciousness, run by a Super Brain.

This is happening right at this moment, and it’s not a secret. It’s all over the media. The Singularity is planned to be ready to put in place by 2045, so there is not much time for humanity to wake up.

I hope this book will give some insights to what we’re facing in a few decades–the extinction of humankind and the birth of a new species, which is cyborg in nature. Behind all this is an ancient extraterrestrial species that has manipulated humanity behind the scenes for millennia.

But there is a solution…

The e-book can be downloaded here.

This same book is also available in html format for those who prefer to read online, http://wespenre.com/My-Books/Book2-AI/contents.htm.

Thank you,


8 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #3: My New E-Book Published

  1. last night i was about to commit suicide and i stopped because i knew so little about the afterlife.. now i can say i have a clue(as you/Wes would say it) .. and for some reason I’m deciding to stay and do more work on awakening people and myself too. This is the most VALUABLE info on the web i have yet encountered! And i wish you stay and write more..
    I wish you mentioned Nibiru/Blackstar since it’s meant to wipe out billions in few years(may be I’m totally misinformed?). Because if it’s true things might go in unprecedented manner.. 🙏 Loved every letter in what you wrote! Thank you 🙏


  2. Check out the suicide squad movie. Another programming aimed at humans trying to accept the machine kingdom. The Egyptian goddess like being even says humanity worships machines. This way when humanity begins to believe it it’s like giving their consent to the machine kingdom coming into play and no law of free will has been broken when the dark beings introduce it and force it on people. Also, those sigils around her head dress look interesting.


  3. Thank you for your effort Wes. It means a lot for others who’re also fighting the good fight. Sadly my HTML/CSS/JS skills are just being learned otherwise I’d convert it for you and let you move onto more work.

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