Letter from the Editor #4: The new E-book now in HTML and can be Read Online

by Wes Penre, Saturday, July 30, 2016 @ 11:35 AM


Yesterday I finished publishing the new e-book, “Synthetic Super Intelligence and the Transmutation of Humankind–A Roadmap to the Singularity and Beyond,” in an online version, which can be viewed here: http://wespenre.com/My-Books/Book2-AI/contents.htm .

A Second Edition of the PDF version can be downloaded here: http://wespenre.com/My-Books/Book2-AI/wes_penre___synthetic_super_intelligence_and_the_transmutation_of_man__a_roadmap_to_the_singularity.pdf . I have cleaned it up, changed a few chapter titles, resized pictures, and adjusted some margins. I highly recommend that you download the Second Edition because in the future, if I refer back to page numbers in my book, I will refer to the Second Edition, unless stating otherwise. The page numbers in Edition One and Two do not always correspond.

Thank you!


5 thoughts on “Letter from the Editor #4: The new E-book now in HTML and can be Read Online

  1. Quote=”You are now, already at this moment, quickly tuning into AI”.By W.P..Being a long time reader of Mr.W.P.’s work,i am in no way saying i know it all,Ha(Not Funny) i do not even know the tip of the Ice Burg.With that being said,i do have a fairly decent idea as to what has been Transforming Homo sapiens sapiens,(from not only Mr.Penre and others work) from all the many years of deep(best of my ability) investigative research which has driven me for many Moons,for the simple reason all of this (my Life) has felt(plus Much first hand Experience) extremely not right.i know not why i have felt this since i was a child?.So in reading this latest e-Book by Mr.Penre,was like getting hit in the Head with a Baseball Bat!!. I do not say this Lightly!.Thank-You,Sir Much Obliged.PS. Interesting(Not!) how one can make a comment or a Like,one day,and the next it get’s removed.What sad days we live in,yet i will Not go into the night Lightly!!.


  2. Hallo S Hier is Wes Penre se nuwe e-book! Ek is nou besig om dit te lees. Dis ongelooflik! Dis so 8,8mb (9mb). Ek attach dit vir jou maar jy kan ook die link in sy e-mail click en dit so aflaai.


  3. Thought ‘d’Wingmaker’s was our only out… yet ‘Ur down’n’em ‘2’as part ‘uv’d’ AIF…. Just how difficult’s it gonna be ‘4’d’ human race to awaken ‘2’d’ ‘I Am’ as Sovereign eternal beings . . …?¿?


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