Chilling AI Technoceatic Agenda – And Herself On John B Wells’ C2M

Source: ForbiddenKnowledgeTV.Net, Aug. 7, 2016
Posted here: Thursday, Aug. 18, 2016 @ 2:30 AM

Level 9 News’s DJ finally reveals herself – as well as the technocratic agenda for total control of the human race on this episode of John B Wells’ Caravan to Midnight.

They discuss the recent release of the Pentagon’s HSCOI & Human System Roadmap AI warfare program, which reads straight out of James Cameron’s ‘Terminator’ dystopian Hollywood sci-fi film franchise. It employs the use of Lethal Autonomous Weapons (LAWs) and Lethal Autonomous Robots (LARs), which will be entirely controlled by Artificial Intelligence. We are moving from a strategy-based system of control to a technology-based one.

In other words, “military inventory”, swarming with a hive mind will replace flesh-and-blood military combatants and agents, to eliminate human threats, based on their tweets, posts and blogs, similar to these Intel drones in this fluffy Beethoven light show but put to nefarious use – their originally-intended use.

Social media, amid all forms of communication will be used to identify and eliminate all perceived human threats to the Continuity of Government. On paper, the plan is to have these programs fully-funded within 15 years, however, DJ believes that they are already functional and will be fully-automated within 5 years. This is the real agenda behind NSA’s dragnet communications sweep, which has now been largely handed over to the satellite-based National Geospatial Intelligence Agency.


8 thoughts on “Chilling AI Technoceatic Agenda – And Herself On John B Wells’ C2M

    • Yes, to a large degree–just as the Grays. Some of them (Nordics) are/were bodies in stasis that the Overlords can animate and use here in 3-D, but even those bodies, I would presume, are AI, but not part of a hive-mind, like most of the Grays are (see my papers, Level I).

      The “Nordics” are genetically engineered in such a manner that they will blend in with us. It would be extremely difficult to notice the difference in appearance, except perhaps for their behavior, if studied carefully.

      The”Tall Whites” are also part of the Alien Invader Force (AIF). These beings reproduce, but their bodies are still genetically engineered constructs, created by the AIF engineers. Their eyes are larger, which means that they are primarily designed to live underground.


  1. Using force will only guarantee your imprisoment within that timeline. what i am doing is nanotraveling to timelines where these atrocities will fail to manifest. Create a cord that connects me with that future now, and continue to vibrationally align with the preferred timeline(s) by consciously utilizing the Universal laws. i have also been creating alternate timelines were the 3 stooges and their minions are being tried for the crimes and violations against not just our solar system but others. U can combine your efforts with that of the inhabitants of these planets and make a difference. These souls also want to break free and they also strongly supports MOTHER and removing the energetic obstructions and distortions created by these delusional twisted entities. We must never forget who we are and how incredibly powerful we are. We are in control, not these idiots

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  2. I’m surprised the military careerist don’t rebel in mass. The logical progress is that very few of the human components of the structure will be required . Unfortunately like everything else humans will sleep walk into slavery which is not really surprising few actually know what it is to be free and others are content to be cosseted by the security that slavery represents. My advice to people is to watch and move into an ‘underground state’ where the evil eye cannot follow.


  3. There has to be a way to fight AI. I am not willing to watch these idiots in the military destroy this beautiful world or humanity. Do you know of anything such as magnets or emps that will destroy them?


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