Bill Cooper Uncut

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15 thoughts on “Bill Cooper Uncut

  1. Bill Cooper died exposing the truth, while you gutless coward lonefrog sit behind your screen soaking up information hoping something out there will save you from what is to come.

    To quote Wyatt Earp: You tell ’em Orion is coming… and hell’s coming with me, you hear?…
    Hell’s coming with me!


    • You are right about one thing, the character known as William Cooper died. As for the rest of your comment, it sounds as if you are using your ass to talk.

      I have seen war up close and personal and learned how to deal with sand on a level I could have never imagined. I have been in 30 ft seas trying to stay ahead of the storm. I have been to the limits of mixed gas diving, experiencing extreme exposure, and a saturation diver.

      You, my little pup, can only quote movies, I have lived them.

      You didn’t even get the source of your Holy Wood quote right, it rightfully belongs to Kevin Jarre, not Wyatt Earp.

      Actually, that last bit of info I gave you helps me to understand you more than I care too.

      My recommendation to you, stay out of the deep end of the pool.


      • So you’ve worked few hard jobs and think that qualifies you as being a warrior? Lol. Don’t worry I won’t waste my energy replying to you again. In the end, when the dust settles, we will see who will be left standing.


        • Hahahahahahahaha!

          What the living hell?

          Since I wore a flak vest, carried an M249 and desert issued combat boots instead of a breast plate, spear and sandals that doesn’t qualify me as a “warrior?”

          I HAVE seen the dust settle lil pup, and IAmStillHere.

          It’s not your energy you are wasting, it is your character.


          • Seems you’re another feeding off attention and negativity caused by friction.

            So you mean to say you were the pawn of the government to go out and kill in the name of the so-called elite all the while never being allowed to question their motives? If yes, then I posit to you that you were no warrior, but more like a butcher.

            True warriors of light value beings, not go out just to slaughter them mercilessly. That would be the hallmark of the corrupted demi-urge, the dark archon in charge of this planet.

            NOW, I’ll take my leave as True beings don’t need to reveal themselves to the world at large. We were the minority here and now almost none at all and let the system run out and crash.



          • Yes, 19 year old men tend to make rash decisions, like running off and joining wars.

            I’ll admit, I was not born with the glorious beams of enlightenment shining down upon my ass showing me the way, I had to learn the hard way.


            when it came time for my second deployment, my 20 year old ass told them no thank you and I was immediately discharged, honorably I might add.

            Lil pup, you mix context like you learned it straight from the Talmud, I told you the truth about myself and revealed my identity not. You call yourself a True being and others gutless cowards while wishing for the whole thing to crash, with such little forethought as to how many lives will mercilessly end in a crash, yeah, you’re a fukking True being all right.

            You can’t even keep your word and not reply to me.


  2. I appreciate your comment, Lonefrog. I didn’t know this part about Hubbard, to be honest. It’s significant. Hubbard also “stole” information from other places–wherever he could–and put it all together in a package that could sell (OTO, AMORC, Freemasonry, and more). However, he wanted world dominance as well. He wanted to “clear” the entire world, and then it was time to clear other planets. That’s what the supposed mission of his Sea Org is, and their one billion year contract with Scientology. In reality, he was holding souls accountable to a worthless contract, hoping to have them reincarnate over and over and become scientologists again out of “duty” and “responsibility.”

    Regardless of where Cooper got much of his info, he did wake people up. I wouldn’t agree that waking up–even to the negative Globalist State–is necessarily creating anxiety. We need to know that part, too, and as with everything, we need to distinguish between truths, lies, and half-truths.

    In me, and in many others I know, Cooper’s info created a further thirst for knowledge, and this knowledge–even if negative–strengthened me because I got answers to questions I went into Scientology to find but didn’t find there. Cooper (and others) did help paving the road, regardless of what their agenda was. Anything that rocks the boat will create fear in some people, but the boat needs to be rocked constantly until people get dizzy enough to force themselves to wake up.

    I see Cooper (and again–others) as springboards for us who came second and decided to do our best to expand on his/their info, and to sort things out to the best of our abilities…


    • Funny thing about “paved roads” and “springboards”, they don’t give two shits if they lead you straight to the FEMA Camp or an empty pool.

      You know I’m right.


  3. Alas, this is where we disagree, by giving Bill all this praise after what has been found out about him now puts all of your hard work under suspicion. Perhaps you reaching level 8 was it? in the church of scientology has more to do with things than I reckoned. Did you ever meet David Miscavige in person Wes?

    Ever heard of Dean Rusk? He was the Secretary of State during JFK’s term, one of the many characters played by this individual who also brought you William Cooper.

    Perhaps you should put your renowned researching skills to the test and look into it for yourself.

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    • Over the years, Lonefrog, you have implied that you’re sitting on some important information in different fields of research that you apparently are not revealing to the public. Why is this? If your own research skills are so profound, why do you keep the results to yourself, I wonder? Who would then benefit from your revelations? Only you? If this is the case, how can you live with it if you think the rest of the world could benefit? Hmm…

      Also, the way in which you are trying to discredit me says more about you than it does about me. This is the exact same technique the Intelligence Agencies use when they want to discredit somebody. Bring up something from the past and make it a a reason to discredit the person in the present. Very dirty, Lonefrog (especially as my Scientology years is not a secret. We learn from everything we do–Scientology included). Why are you copy-catting the Intelligence agencies, Lonefrog?

      On the Bill Cooper subject; Bill was one of the forerunners when it comes to putting the basic pieces together on the NWO and the One World Government. He was a springboard for others to follow to expand what he found out. No one talked about these things in the early 90s on the level Bill did. He deserves to be remembered, warts and all–not as a “god,” but for the results he presented.


      • My research pales in comparison to yours if we were to measure it by how much of it we actually shared. But then again all I do is read what is already out there anyway. Hence the term RE -SEARCH. So you flatter me with your compliments of my profound research when in actuality all IAmDoing is using a search engine. A far cry from what you are doing.

        In the past, when I come across something that you shared that was so amazing and it moved me to share, I usually ended up fielding questions like; “Since when did you start believing in the reincarnation of Marduke?” and “frequent trips to the Moon by a certain Rockefeller?” Or “Intergalactic aide from another spieces in order to help us graduate into the next density?” You can relate to this IAmSure. What usually happens on my end is that those who I HAVE shared with criticize, and throw the baby, the bath water AND the tub out along with a few choice words.

        So to say IAmSitting on pertinent information is just not true, it is out there for all to see if they are so inclined. I always have questions and for some unknown reason I enjoy following where they take me. Peeling the onion so to speak, and the rest of the world could benefit from it. All they really need to do is use a search engine the same as I do. (an enquiring mind helps too)

        As for you implying that IAmTrying to discredit you, reminds me of a certain group playing victim. IAmSure you have readers that have just recently found/discovered your work and are far from discovering your past. Of course it is already out there, welcome to the digital age. My point is, I don’t ever recall you making amends for having reached such a high level in an agency of world renowned ill repute. Tell us what you have learned Wes Penre! Should Zen Gardeners’ past have not been brought up? Do you think his past opens a window and shines a light on who he really is? C’mon man! It’s not dirty, it’s real. People need to know a man’s character if they are to truly take heed of what they espouse. By the way, Zen Garcia is not his real name either.

        Now, for the Bill Cooper bit, I believe I gave enough of a clue to get people interested enough to do some researching on their own. And let’s just be honest here, people learn more when they are not spoon fed information.


        • Lonefrog, thank you for your detailed reply. It’s the first time I’ve seen you write this much, from what I can recall.

          My Scientology past is already an open subject, though (I told the readers myself). I don’t know how many times I’ve brought up my Scientology past (which happened in the late 1980s). I have not tried to keep it a secret. I don’t keep secrets about myself, but I do not expose every minute of my life, either, of course. That in itself would be foolish.

          Life is a path. Let’s say I was born with a passion, but because of amnesia, I didn’t remember what that passion was when I was little. I have a musical talent, so I thought it’s in the music. Therefore, I began to experience music in all its forms. I learned to play instruments and to write my own songs.

          I noticed my songs were about what is happening in the world, and they often asked the question, “why?” That’s when I realized that although I loved the music, that’s not the goal. So I kept searching for answers to my own existence ,and all our existence for that matter, but also why there are wars, why people don’t get along, etc. This was long before the Internet.

          Scientology, which I stumbled upon by “coincidence,” seemed to have answers (reincarnation, teachings about how the human mind works, and why the world has gone mad–yes, Hubbard talked about the bankers ruling the world). I felt at home in Scientology at the time and advanced quickly to Level VII (OT VII). That was the highest level at that point–now it’s OT VIII, from what I understand.

          After a few years, however, I became suspicious that there was a dark side to all of this, and to make a long story short, I did some research and found out that it was a trap, and I had been sucked in by the truths in the philosophy rather than the lies and deception (that’s always how it works). So I simply left in 1991 or 92,

          Regardless of the nature of Scientology (Scn), it had given me the essence when it came to finding my passion. Also, Scn has some unique information that we can’t find anywhere else to my knowledge, and that is quite a profound knowledge of how the human mind works. I have had a lot of use for that in everyday life, in order to understand others and be of assistance. I still do, and I haven’t seen anybody who has not studied Scn who has that knowledge. With that said, I do NOT recommend anybody to get into Scn. That’s my advice–everybody of course has the right to do whatever they want. Scn was necessary for me and my own evolvement, but it came with a cost. When you leave an organization like that, you have to deprogram yourself, and it’s NOT an easy thing–it can take years. Some people don’t make it. I know friends from that time who committed suicide because they were so “lost” afterwards.

          After Scn, I started my research for real. I read Wm. Bramley, Bill Cooper, Sitchin, Icke, and others to learn the basics. From thereon, I did my best to continue figuring things out. I launched Illuminati News (my first website) in 1998. The rest is pretty much out there on the Net in chronological order.

          As I said earlier, life is a path, and I believe that anyone who sits down and thinks back on their lives, and really examine it, can see that there was a reason why they did so and so, because it led to this or that.

          We need to go through certain things in our lives to reach the goal we’ve set for this incarnation–whether it is to have a great marriage, doing research, or something totally different. By the same token, we can also see when we fail, and we can trace our lives backwards to see where we went “wrong” and remedy it if we want to. Everybody has a reason for being here right now, but not everybody finds this reason and they feel lost. They make choices that lead them astray–we all do, but some re-enter their “path” and get back onto the “right” track again, while others don’t. When I look back at my own life, it all makes perfect sense. I needed to experience all those things I’ve experienced in order to realize what my passion was–and I’ve found it.

          The reason I wrote what I did in reply to your comment, Lonefrog, was the way it was written when you mentioned Scn in your post. When it’s taken out of context, people who have not read enough of my other stuff might think that I get my info from Scn and therefore disregard all the rest that I’ve written and posted, in addition to this Bill Cooper article. Scientology has nothing to do with how I look at Bill Cooper’s information, so I don’t understand that part of your comment.

          Another thing that I never do (but it’s up to each person, of course) is to throw out the baby with the bath water. I do not know what they have found out about Cooper (I haven’t researched these subjects in a long time), but whatever it is, this interview is basically right on in the sense that if a person who is relatively new to the NWO stuff will get great basic info from this video. I will follow your trail of research when I get the chance and find out myself what’s going on with Cooper, but whatever it might be, the info in the video is still great. Cooper was perhaps the main inspiration for me to start researching for real after Scn. If he had that impact on me, he must have had the same impact on a lot of people in the early 1990s. That part is a good thing.

          I agree with you that no one should be spoon fed and told that “this is how it is, period.” I see it as information. When it comes to my own research, I’ve pointed this out, as well. What people are reading is MY research and where it’s taken me. It’s for everybody’s consideration. If someone would think it’s hogwash, that’s fine. If someone else likes some of it, then I think he/she should take that part and continue researching on their own, and so on. Disagreeing when something feels awkward is healthy, and so is also constructive criticism.

          Now, when you have told me a little more about yourself, I understand better where you’re coming from, which is very good. I appreciate that.


          • When you eventually get around to looking into Cooper, it won’t be such a mystery as to how “one man” could know so much.

            As for L. Ron. Hubbard and his church, it would be wise to note that the foundation of Scientology was based upon The Science of Spirituality, whose “spokesman” at one time was Sant Kirpal Singh. Paul Twitchell and Hubbard were initiated together while visiting with Sant Kirpal Singh on his 1955 world tour. So, a gambling man would surmise that Hubbard’s Scientology was based upon something more wholesome than what we have now come to recognize as a cult. While Twitchell went on to become a Master in Eckankar, Science of Soul Travel. Coincidence?

            After noting this, I can at least overstand why you were interested in what Hubbard’s church had to offer. I have a quote of Kirpals that has kept me from truly holding your feet to the fire.

            “I have written books without any copyright—no rights
            reserved—because it is a Gift of God, given by God, as much
            as sunlight; other gifts of God are also free.”

            —from a talk by Kirpal Singh at Santa Clara University, San Jose, California on November 16, 1972.

            It seems to have resonated with you also. Not so much for the character known as W. Cooper, who charged shekels for his thin ass book.

            As for not understanding where the correlation between Cooper and Scientology come in to play……that’s an easy one………..

            An offshoot group / Individual offer up recycled information with a twist

            Followers ensue

            Money is made

            Time goes by

            Truth begins to surface / Awakening (for some, not all)

            Offered up twisted information turns out to be corrupt

            One thing they will always have in their favor, is that there seems to be a sucker born everyday. Which creates this cycle we are currently stuck in. where Mammon is King. In a sense Cooper could be looked at as the more dangerous of the two, because he was operating off of a directive that involved control of the whole firkin world, whereas ole Ron would settle for regional domination.

            In a coup, at some point in time it becomes necessary to get the peasants involved in their own demise, just look at the state we are in today. Coopers info did nothing but feed anxiety, hell, the gears didn’t even slow down on this sordid “merry-go-round”.

            Who knows, had we been made aware of his info much earlier, things could have been different? As it stands now, “their” agenda seems to be written in stone just like the Georgia Guidestones and the best anyone can do is nothing.

            Thanks for allowing me your platform to rant.


    • How strange it can be when someone leaves a comment and that leads you to places on the Net that say things such as:

      “Cooper also reported that to mark the year 2000, the Illuminati would use the Galileo space craft to detonate 49.7 pounds of plutonium as it reached the planet Jupiter, which would cause a nuclear reaction turning the planet into another sun. He said that this new star would be called Lucifer and would be cited as a miracle or a sign that the Antichrist was a god and the messiah had appeared. This, all according to Top Secret documents he claimed to have read in the Navy concerning Project Galileo.(#146)”

      And this:

      “The Russians are given the script for their next performance…Thi..s method of meeting is the only way that is safe from detection and/or bugging.”(#152)”

      Those are the words of Mark Dice:

      Yet, when he wrote that, I realized Mr. Cooper was telling the truth. My research deviated me into another compartment of the rabbit hole. There is a huge connection between Jupiter and Russians. Mr. Dice has absolutely no clue about that.


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