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3 thoughts on “Contact

  1. HI Wes
    I have just finished reading your latest book and what a magnificent book it was, I like to research the researchers to clarify my own research, if you know what I mean; I had been looking into the tek world when your book came online, and now the conformation of your research is all over the place. Wes once again, thanks for the journey


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  2. Hey Wes,long time since we last spoke,congratulations on your new? site.(new to me!) anyway hope all is well with you and yours.hope live is good for you,best to ya,Chris


  3. Hello Wes in your opinion is simply individually disagreeing with the AIF and their plans, along with declaring our soverignty and free will enough to be left alone by the Machine Kingdom even if only less than a few thousand or hundred people were to do this? This is also important for youth truth seekers including myself who may not have financial independence from parents who do not accept conspiracy facts at all until the NAU and Machine Kingdom come full scale.

    Also Wes a tip I have for you and fellow truthseekers regarding the Law of Attraction is from what I can tell your intentions only manifest if you have no fear and insecurity in your pelvis about the manifestation of your desire(s). So if you want to manifest something that you’ve been unable to manifest let go of all the insecurity in your pelvis until all the cells in your pelvis are 100% secure about the manifestation of your desire occurring.

    -Sincerely yours, Max


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